Rospotrebnadzor warned about the tropical bugs

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In Russia there were tropical bugs that were previously found only in countries located closer to the equator. This was told radio Sputnik head of the laboratory of problems of disinsection of the Institute of Disinfectology of Rospotrebnadzor Svetlana Roslavtseva.

“insects tend to increase their area, so the tropical bedbug in recent years began to dramatically increase his dwelling place, and unfortunately, it is listed in Russia”, – said the doctor of biological Sciences.

If the person is found on the body of a trail of small red itchy bites, it means that he was bitten by bed bugs. Insects are not only at home but also in hotels, cinemas, transport and medical facilities.

Tropical bed bugs attacked the apartment of Muscovites.

In connection with sharp increase in the number of insects, the world health organization (who) commissioned to collect material for the bed bugs. According to the Professor, in the body of bedbugs and the covers can be “sufficient collection of different pathogens, including the particularly dangerous” – for example, fever and hepatitis B.

to Deal with bedbugs can only be their destruction. While in Russia, said a scientist has developed two drugs that are active against bedbugs – based on natural raw diatomite. It’s called “Hector”.

Earlier in the CPS in connection with the problem of advised to regularly clean the premises, it is better a vacuum cleaner. In addition, you should frequently change the bedding and immediately wash it, not holding tanks for storage.

you should Also inspect the sofas, carpets and draw attention to dark spots in the joints of furniture items, picture frames on the inner side of the backward of Wallpaper. Blood stains on linen can speak about the presence of bed bugs.

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