RT scored more than 10 billion views on YouTube

Photo: depositphotos/Syda_Productions

RT is the first news stations have garnered more than 10 billion views on YouTube. In addition, as reported by RT, the total number of hits on all of his accounts ahead of BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, Euronews and Fox News.

it is Reported that the most popular video RT for 2019 began filming the arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange outside the Embassy of Ecuador in London. This video showed many of the world’s media, for example, BBC, CNN, The Telegraph and The Guardian.

it was Also marked videos RT. For example, live broadcasts, and recordings of protests, “yellow jackets” in France, or footage of a fire in the Notre-Dame Cathedral, shot from the drone.

in addition, it is reported that in 2007, RT became the first Russian TV channel, who began the publication of his material on YouTube. And in 2013, RT International reached 1 billion views. In the fall of 2019 RT of ustanovil record among news channels, breaking the mark of 7 billion views on YouTube.

“Today on YouTube’s most popular channel is not BFM, not CNEWS, this RT”, – said the Secretary of state for digital technology, France’s Cedric O.

Earlier it was reported that RT reached the final Emmy in the category “news” with a series of reports about the fire in Kemerovo. The journalists worked at the scene, telling about the fate of people caught in the middle of a tragedy in “the Winter cherry”.

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