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Holy and a charlatan, a visionary and a sex addict, the healer and daring molester, a man of God and a heretic, which only “ranks” are not awarded to Grigory Rasputin. Countless myths about his personal life and love Affairs are so intertwined with the real facts that distinguish truth from fiction is almost impossible.

Women Rasputin

for historical materials, it is known that in 1917 was convened by the Extraordinary investigation Commission of the Provisional government, dealing with the interrogation of the ladies, frequently stayed with Rasputin. What was the surprise of the investigators when, one after another woman alleged harem has denied an intimate relationship with the “Russian Casanova”.

Before the Commission testified the widow of a Cossack captain Hope Voskoboynikov, artist of beling and Varvarova, secular yoke Tregubova and Luntz, Golovin and Lohtia, writer Cananova and Zhukovskaya, Princess Dolgorukova, Sana and Shakhovskaya, and many other ladies of noble birth. One woman claimed to have been with “men of God” only in a Platonic relationship.

Not confirmed rumors about the novel of Grigory Efimovich with the maid of honor of Empress Anna Vyrubova that everyone thought was his main mistress. Denying his relationship with Rasputin, she was asked to conduct a medical examination, which revealed that “shameless whore” was innocent.

Culture expert Vadim Rudnev in the book “the Truth about the Russian Royal family and the dark forces,” wrote that ” the amorous adventures of Rasputin is not out of the framework of a night of orgies with girls of easy virtue and sansonetti singers, and sometimes with some of his requesting. As for its proximity to the high society ladies, in that respect are no positive materials observation and result obtained was not.”

In the book “Rasputin. Three demons last Saint” AndNDRA Shlyakhov says that opponents of the healer, in particular the leader of the party “Octobrists” Mikhail Rodzianko, does not leave attempts to accuse him not only lust, but also in numerous rape and molestation. However, in reality there are only three written complaints of this kind from Pepelyaeva, Timofeeva and vishnjakovoj, which on inspection turned out to be fabricated.

the Russian historian Yuri Rasslin, drew attention to the fact that, despite a lot of prescription Rasputin mistresses, none of the women has ever made him illegitimate children.

the initiators of the persecution

Publicist Oleg Platonov found in declassified archives is evidence that the initiators of the persecution of the seer were members of the world Masonic organization, which at the Assembly in Brussels decided to discredit the Imperial family. Vbrasyvaya to the masses false information about the numerous love Affairs of Rasputin, the liberal press not only maligned his image, but also tarnished the monarchy, helping the accomplishment of the plans of the revolutionary parties.

Among those involved in the campaign to compromise Grigory Efimovich, Platonov called Vinaver, Amfiteatrov, Hesse, Maklakova, Dolgorukov, who worked in the newspaper “Russian word” and “Speech.”

Through their work, to which is connected antimonarchist Chkheidze and Kerensky, Dzhunkovsky and Rubinstein in 1916 a large part of the population saw in Rasputin the devil. He was considered guilty in all troubles of Russia and fooled the gullible Emperor Nicholas II, who therefore ceased to care about the welfare of his subjects.

the Prosecution in listasta

the flames were fanned rumors about Rasputin’s facilities to the Khlyst sect. Through controlled Newspapers, this information continued to spread even after 1903, 1907 and 1912, the Spiritual Consistory of the Russian Orthodox Church conducted its own investigation and found no evidence of this fact.

there was a brochure pseudosocialist for sectariangovernment of Mikhail Novoselov, with falsified data on Grigory Efimovich, as well as false letters of his “victims”. Excerpts from there was replicated in numerous underground publications and has appeared on the pages of the newspaper “Voice of Moscow”, the editor of which was a liberal-Mason A. Guchkov.

the charges in khlystovo been confirmed the fact that the joint wash in the bath Rasputin with women, which is very reminiscent of a custom of sectarian zeal with subsequent orgies. However, the Professor Gromoglasov, having studied the question, came to the conclusion that in Siberia, collective bathing was a common practice. Religious Firsov, noticed that Rasputin “was too independent and self-centered” to share their communal ideas.

Writer Boris Romanov in “Truth and falsehood about Rasputin” concluded that a Siberian man in a certain period of time still had a connection with whips.

However, until 1905-1907 he completely moved away from them and created his own doctrine, declaring that in his body “settled the Holy spirit” and he, passing through a series of tortures and constantly taming his flesh, made up of the ability to healing and prophecy.

But, according to Romanova, who had a powerful libido Rasputin could not fully cope with the attraction to the opposite sex, and to justify my weakness and declared himself elected, engaging in sexual contact with which unhappy marriage or a fallen woman could get rid of sinful lust.

Dressed in civilian clothes, agents of the secret police constantly followed Grigory Efimovich, has repeatedly reported his strange adventures with prostitutes, whom he treated to wine, asked me to undress, examined their naked bodies, and then, assuming convergence, retired, struggling with the carnal temptations.

Powerless bisexual

an Alternative version regarding the debauchery of the elder advanced by the psychologist Alexander Kotsyubinsky and historian Daniil Kotsyubinsky. In his work “Grigory Rasputin: secret and obvious”, they cite the facts, evidencetwo of his bisexual tendencies.

allegedly Based on the unpublished diary of Rasputin, they claim that the seer deliberately spread rumors about his amorous adventures. CEU of these rumors was often sexual impotence and interest in members of their own sex.

the Authors cite the words of hieromonk Iliodor, who was personally acquainted with Rasputin and shared all of his passions into four cohorts: the first were those whom he only kissed the second wash and the third was saved from the diabolical influence, and few fourth group consisted of the elect, with whom he had an intimate relationship.

once having peeped over the Siberian elder, Heliodorus saw him using all sorts of erotic affection, a very agitated young ladies, but the most piquant moment was given them chaste kiss and did not bring the matter before Congress. Instead, they together knelt down and began to atone for sinful lust.

About the inability of Rasputin in the act of love wrote the book “the Romanovs. Sparkle and sunset Royal dynasty,” the British historian C. Montefiore.

Kotsubinskyi development of the bisexual tendencies of Rasputin, here are the words of the seer, who loved to say that he treats the known method “is not only females but also males”. In addition, they put forward the theory that the only mortal who managed to get to the heart of Rasputin, was the handsome Felix Yusupov, ironically, became his killer.

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