Samsung has postponed the launch of the first smartphone with folding screen a few days before the scheduled date. Previously the Display had become issues for some journalists distributed test devices of the model Galaxy Fold known.

The protection of the screens should now be improved, said Samsung on Monday. A new launch date should be announced in the coming weeks. Originally, the device should on 26. April in the USA and on 3. May come on the European market.

Galaxy Fold should be the first device on the market, the screen is the size of a small Tablet computer that is unfolding. Competitor Huawei announced the launch of its Auffalt Smartphones Mate X for the summer.

At the 2000 Euro expensive Galaxy Fold of Samsung several Tech was gone-journalists in the Pre-Tests, the Display is broken. Samsung stated that according to the first findings that could be of impact against the folding joint in the middle of the screen. Some of the other reporters damaged their Fold devices, because they withdrew it accidentally, a protective layer, which looked like the usual transparent film on the screens of new devices, but part of the display.



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