The musicians of Rammstein have presented with a more spectacular action, the second Song of their new album.

On a Berlin street crossing the world for their brutal rock celebrated Band dropped the Video for “Radio” on a house wall in Berlin in mid-stream and the Song of time from the rbb radio station radio one broadcast.

Around 1000 Fans came to the intersection, the police secured according to rbb-Reporter Henrik Barth everything. After the nearly five-minute action, the Fans were celebrating the Song.

With the Video pays tribute to Rammstein with footage in Black-and-White a of other globally successful German Band: video clips and parts of the music can also be used as a tribute to “radio activity” by Kraftwerk from 1975 seen. The Text of the surprisingly poppy Rammstein song describes memories of a time when late night radio was an act of freedom. The Rammstein-members are socialized in the GDR.

With the first Video of the “Germany” of the new album had taken care of Rammstein at the end of March for a lot of vertebrae. Mainly because of the Trailer, there was persistent criticism. A good 30 seconds, four of the Band are in it-to see the musicians, with their clothes on concentration camp prisoners.



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