Sanctions for failing to report traffic violations can enter in Russia

Photos: Moscow 24/Anton Velikzhanin

Inhabitants of Russia can start to be fined if they did not report on the violation of traffic rules by other road users. It is reported with reference to the address of the Deputy of legislative Assembly of Leningrad region Vladimir Petrov.

In the appeal to the head of traffic police of Mikhail Chernikov, he pointed out that measures to prevent injuries on the roads lack of success, and the owners do not show solidarity.

“In this regard, I ask You to evaluate the idea in the code articles providing for punishment for not informing the police road traffic violations of traffic rules, resulting in harm to human health and the potential to provoke road accident”, – stated in the appeal.

According to Petrov, those who do not report violations on the road, they become effectively accomplices in the crime. MP explained his idea a commitment to the development of civic consciousness.

Earlier it was reported that in Russia to introduce fines for illegal use studded tires. Under illegal, in this case, mean its application outside of the autumn-winter season.

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