Sberbank has no plans to close the branch at the time of non-working weeks

At the same time clients are advised to minimize the visit to the offices of the Bank in connection with the epidemiological situation and the use of digital services.

Corporate clients of Sberbank in the period from 30 March to 3 April will be able to make all stock exchange transactions in all markets. All calculations within the Bank and international calculations will be carried out in full. Sberbank will also provide interbank payments in accordance with the rules of functioning of the Payment system of the Bank of Russia. This was stated by the Deputy Chairman of the Board of the savings Bank Anatoly Popov. In addition, the Bank employees will accept applications for “vacation credit”. Deferred payment loans to citizens and businesses affected by the coronavirus, gave the government.

“customers will work and our credit managers to those whose business needs support, can promptly handle applications for debt restructuring. This applies to customers of all segments, primarily small and medium-sized businesses. And, of course, all days will run our hotline on business in connection with the coronavirus,” said Deputy Chairman of Sberbank.

the Bank added that offices can be closed only at the time of disinfection. Customers advised to minimize any visits to public places, including offices of the Bank. “Our remote services can provide almost all the needs of customers”, – said Anatoly Popov.