Scientists from Australia, the world's first recreated the new coronavirus in the laboratory

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the Scientists of the Institute of infection and immunity Peter Doherty in Australia said that can provide the world health organization and the world laboratory version of the coronavirus that caused an outbreak of pneumonia in China. This is the website of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Experts independently “grown” a full version of virus. This became possible after arrived in Australia a man with symptoms similar to the coronavirus. The study confirmed the guess of scientists. On the basis of biological material infected was created a sample of a dangerous microorganism.

“the Presence of this virus means that now we have the opportunity to actually check and verify all the test methods and compare their sensitivity and specificity,” explained the head of the laboratory identification of the virus Julian GRLE.

it is Expected that when the full sample of coronavirus will accelerate the development of vaccines and tools for the identification of new disease form of pneumonia in an asymptomatic stage. While it is reported that a group of researchers from Hong Kong have developed a treatment against the virus, but clinical trials the drug has not yet passed.

an Outbreak of the coronavirus was originally recorded in Chinese Wuhan city in December. The extent of the contamination has significantly increased over the month now reported on more than 4.5 million cases and more than 100 dead. Thus, 52 patients have successfully overcome the virus.

In Russia on the instructions of Prime Minister Mikhail mishustina was set up operational headquarters to prevent the introduction and spread of coronavirus in the country. Chairperson of the Association will be Tatyana Golikova. On 29 January, the CPS will provide to the government a draft national plan for the fight against the disease.

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