Dirty Laundry is washed in the loved one alone. Seen in this way, one can understand that the North Rhine-Westphalian AfD locked the press out, as he last Sunday go to the Convention in Oberhausen gathered. To become it dirty the Association of the party threatened in the largest country.

18 deselection requests, urged on the agenda, sometimes in the same wording and are all against the country, Chairman Martin Renner. Also the other Manager had introduced a deselection request, Marcus Pretzell: The man Frauke Petrys wanted to autocracy.

Pretzell, presented to AfD-traitors

The Coup was a failure, the required Two-thirds majority was not reached. But it is interesting how Pretzell and his supporters went on behind closed doors. And it is also held in place by a secret recording. The recording of Speeches and counter-speeches by the prosecution and the defense in front of the star. They show how sincere the man responds, fights at the Federal level with his wife against the AfD grandees Gauland, Höcke, and Meuthen and as a representative of a reputable and decent AfD.

Exclusive to the AfD, The AfD of Petry-man Pretzell: “Muzzle”, with “enough ammunition” By Wigbert Löer

The star has released in the past few months, multiple searches and Marcus Pretzell. It was a secret Whatsapp-fixing in the election of the state Assembly candidate and doubt at his residence. It was also the financial interest of the NRW-AfD on a Smartphone App, for the Pretzell and Petry in Berlin promoted, without this interest to disclose.

The Congress of the party in Oberhausen presents Pretzell, according to the recording of a traitor: his Co-leader Martin Renner, with whom he has been estranged. Pretzells message: Renner have betrayed the star party internals.

“damage to reputation of the worst kind”

First, a party member from the Ruhr area occurs. The man tells, he got hit, “works” and is “not proud of”. He asks the 376 delegates in a small voice “sorry for my behavior”. He reports in detail how Renner Pretzell using the star under pressure. This Pretzell supporters declared that he would show the “courage for the truth” – but says the star research that is equal to four times the untruth.

asterisk denotes Exclusive WhatsApp Chat delegates at the NRW-AfD: Wrong question-out Of Wigbert Löer

Co – Chairman of the party, Martin Renner, the speech in its replica as “damage to reputation of the worst kind”. He contradicts some of the allegations and then reports on the apparently last phone contact with the man. “I’ll kill you. I’ll take you under the earth,” the told him. The man had been “completely out”, “so almost psycho-pathological”.

Invented reports about coke and fling

Then Marcus Pretzell even goes to the microphone. “Everything I say here, Martin, I can demonstrate,” claims Pretzell at the outset of his 13-minute speech – and not do exactly the. With a view to the alleged informant of the star Pretzell told the delegates equal to several times the untruth.

in turn, the AfD’s top politicians as the victims. On the day of his wedding, 22. In December, he calls out in the hall, have tried to get in, “a ‘mirror’ or star-to transport report to the Public: first, Pretzell does coke”. Secondly, you have to “speculation about an affair” to the Public.

Pretzells statement is in terms of the star-free is invented. Also for the “mirror” editorial Department, a spokeswoman, “not the facts”.

a Good half of the delegates follows at the end of Pretzell and vote for a deselection racer – two-thirds would be to AfD the articles of Association necessary. At the time of his election to the top candidate Pretzell the previous September had been convinced against a little-known candidate, only 54 percent of the delegates.

The party’s enemies Pretzell and Renner have to share the chair, so until Further notice. The mutual distrust is likely to be grown by the methods in the deselection attempt obviously.

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