the plans of The red-red-green Berlin Senate for hire cover with the legally defined upper limits for the living to driving costs and now the Federal government.

“A rent cover will exacerbate the shortages in the housing markets,” said construction and Housing competent interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) at the request of the German press Agency. “Such a provision creates not a single new apartment.” You send the wrong Signal to the housing industry, and “deterred investors”. The rent cover to be dangerous to the positive development of construction activity.

Although in Berlin there is no bill exists, let alone is it decided, considering the Union faction in the Bundestag, a constitutional complaint against the project. He considered the proposals to be unconstitutional, “so that we should consider a corridor in front of the Federal constitutional court,” said group Vice-Thorsten-Free the Newspapers of the Funke media group. “It’s been missing in the country of competence,” he said.

The agreed Berlin’s former Senator of justice Thomas Heilmann in. “Such a competence is exceeded, and such a complete fundamental law contrary to the reorganisation of the economic structure of Germany we cannot allow,” said the CDU member of the German Bundestag, the Berliner “Tagesspiegel”. The Union faction in the Bundestag, the only one with sufficient strength to bring a so-called standard control procedures in Karlsruhe in gear.

Berlin’s Finance Senator Matthias Kollatz (SPD) spoke against the CDU – politicians. Since the federalism reform of 2006, the responsibility for housing from the Federal to the Länder had passed. The rental policy is, however, more a matter for the Federal government. The a countries jurisdiction excludes the CDU now categorically, “is astonishing,” said Kollatz. The Left party Chairman Katja Kipping said the dpa, the Union, by the most incompetent Ministers for Housing of all times. “And now the Union wants to fall to the single state in the back, the consistent tenant operates protection.”

The Senate wants to freeze the Rent in the capital for five years and may in part reduce to stop the price spiral upwards. On Sunday, the possible vertices were to become a cover, from the Department of city development Senator Katrin Lompscher (Linke), according to which apartments may, depending on the age and equipment in the future, no more than 3.42 to 7,97 Euro cold rent per square meter cost. The location plays no role. Rents are above the upper limit, residents will be able to reduce according to the proposal. In the case of modernizations supplements are considered. Excluded from the rent cover the new buildings will be starting in 2014.

The housing sector is shown to be horrified by the ideas and expected that this new construction and modernization abwürgten quasi. However, it is not in Berlin’s increasingly clear that they are in the Form of welfare reality. The coalition partner of the Left, the SPD and the greens, made on the occasion of a session of the Senate on Tuesday clear about was Whether a rent cap Agreement. However, a draft law law safety and feasibility should be based on, said Vice-head of government Ramona Pop (Green) according to the information of participants in the Senate.

Kollatz said, a goal of the cover was “speculative rent increases to cut off, in particular, future speculative rent increases.” At the same time, Precaution must be taken that the building can be secured. Since Berlin enter in the project Fund under new ground, be particularly careful trade-offs necessary.

Kollatz, it is possible that the Rent cap may also apply for more than five years. “No one knows how the future will look like. But it makes always sense, an Instrument to devise a way that you can extend it, if there are good reasons for that.” At the Moment it is, however, only a law for five years. Perhaps the competent Senator Lompscher submit a first draft this week. In force of the rent lid 2024 is to come.

servant of The group, leader of the Left in the Bundestag, Sahra car, called for a Rent cap on the Federal level. To extend “instead of their ineffective Rent control, should take the Federal government on the design by the Berlin rent cover is an example,” she said the “New osnabrück newspaper”. Green party chief Katrin Göring-Eckardt suggested that an upper limit in the tenancy law of the Federal anchor. “Thus, the Federal States can designate areas with a shortage of housing, where the rent must not rise in existing tenancies of more than three percent in the year,” said the spark – Newspapers. The SPD economic forum rejects a Rent cap.

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