While there are many kinds of lawyers with different specializations, when it comes to handling legal issues surrounding the rights of tenants and landlords, a landlord-tenant attorney is the best resource either party can have.

Even if you are renting in Los Angeles, there still is a likelihood that you will have disputes and riffs with your landlord along the way. The knowledge and expertise of a tenant lawyer, such as one at brintonfirm.com, should be able to guide you through your tough times.

Selecting the Right Tenant Lawyer in Los Angeles

Choosing your tenant lawyer can get tricky especially if you are a first-timer. So, below are tips you can heed to increase your chances of hiring the right one:

Tip #1: Make use of your local and state resources.

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Clueless about where to find a tenant legal expert in Los Angeles? You will never go wrong if you turn to the state bar association first and start your search among the list the association might give you, showing the names of all practicing tenant lawyers in the state. However, if this seems inconvenient to you considering your location and free time, you also have lots of directory websites and real estate e-magazines to turn to. In this digital era, such resources are already accessible and published online. You only need to be connected to the web to view them.

Tip #2: Seek a tenant attorney’s help online.

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You will find a lot of directories for tenant attorneys online. There, you can throw your queries and choose from. Some of these directories will even publish your queries and invite local attorneys to answer them. This will help you gauge your options at your convenience.

Tip #3: Ask your lawyer friends for a referral.

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Your lawyer friends who specialize in other fields of law probably are in the same circle as your prospective tenant attorney. That said, their referrals are most likely more reliable than those reviews and recommendations you can find on the web. If your legal advisor friends are personally or professionally connected with a tenant attorney, then they should be able to tell you whether that attorney is worth considering or otherwise.

Tip #4: List your top three prospective tenant lawyers and research about each of them.

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No matter how impressive your top three lawyers’ portfolios are, there will always be areas that they will differ. If you got a lot of time, it pays to know more about each of them, i.e. research about their records online and ask their previous clients about their work. It will also help if you call them one by one and from there, assess whether they are truly accessible and reliable in case they will be needed urgently in the future.

Tip #5: Throw as many questions as you can in each appointment.

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During the actual appointment, do not hesitate to ask your lawyer about all your queries and concerns. Asking them about their experience and years in the field and their rate of success should not sound offending to the right one. Remember; it is always best to hire someone with experience than relying on your case on a newbie attorney. Here, experience plays a vital role in determining your case’s success. The more queries you throw, the better you will be able to assess the lawyer’s personality, knowledge, and ability to communicate.

Tip #6: It is okay to inquire about the fees and billing procedures.

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Tenant lawyers vary in terms of how much they charge and how they bill. Their terms are worth discussing. While meeting with them, make sure to ask about the payment process and the inclusions of the fee. Your goal should be to get the best value of your money.

To see if the lawyer will be the best fit for your case, you can ask about these specific areas:

  • What types of cases and how many cases has handled – As much as possible, choose an attorney that has worked for landlords also. This can serve as an edge as that lawyer will be able to foresee and anticipate the other camp’s moves.
  • How long are cases going to take and what are the possible results – The best lawyer should be able to tell you how long the process will take and will be upfront with you about the possible outcomes, however negative or positive they are.
  • How likely will your case be taken to court – Your tenant attorney will be able to determine whether your case can be handled in small claims court or should be taken to the higher court. The attorney will also be transparent of his roles should the case be taken to the next level.
  • How costly the case handling will be – A good lawyer will always inform you about the potential expenses you will have to bear in pursuing the case, e.g. his hourly fees, court costs, etc.
  • Your other options besides a lawsuit – Filing a lawsuit is exhausting and costly. If your lawyer is concerned, he will not be afraid to advise you to consider other alternatives like arbitration or mediation.
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Hiring the Best Tenant Lawyer in Los Angeles

Once you have finally selected a tenant legal expert, you can rely on him even with your future needs. Should you have to rent a new place, make sure to consult your attorney about your lease agreement. Your rights should be stipulated in the contract and the latter should be compliant with the law.

As a tenant, you can rely on your tenant attorney to validate your claims and complaints about discrimination, unfair eviction, and other damages. The right one will never let your landlord navigate through the legal issues successfully.

Now, if after months of partnership, you have realized that your tenant lawyer’s services are unsatisfactory and his services are not worth your money anymore, do not think twice about hiring a better one. You need not settle with someone who cannot meet your requirements and expectations one way or another.


Finding the right tenant lawyer or looking for legal experts in any field can be challenging and full of hardships. This is because in many ways you are entrusting your safekeeping and interests in the hands of someone you barely know. The points in this article can help you make sure that the legal expert you are selecting is the best person for the job or not. If you wish to know more about how legal experts in different fields, especially when it comes to DUI cases, tenant laws or even estate planning can help you, click here.