The antenna was one of the only ways people could get access to the content that is being emitted from broadcasting towers. In older days, there was no cable TV or online streaming platforms on the Internet, there was only TV aerial.

People didn’t have much of a choice because there were no other options, this was the only solution to watch movies or TV series. As time passed on, new technology started to show up, such as cable TV, which provided much better quality and better content for a small price. Even though cable was not free, many decided to switch over to this new way of content transmission because of the huge increase in quality.

As people started to switch to this new technology, they started giving up on aerial TV because of their inferior performance. However, things are starting to change and we have seen a huge improvement when it comes to antenna and broadcasting towers. The level of quality that you can get from aerial TV can now be compared even with a cable or online media streaming platforms. Yes, it is now that good.

So, does this new improvement of antennas justify making the switch back to this older method? Well, I do believe that making such a transition back to aerial TV is worth it, and here are a couple of reasons why I think that.

1. Aerial will keep getting better

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One of the biggest reasons why many people should consider switching to this other method of television broadcasting is because of the fact that it will improve in the future. Technology regarding wireless connections, radio signals, and everything related to this type of technology is beginning to improve by a lot. Today, we have wireless chargers, but who knows what kind of products we might see in the next 10 or 20 years. Antennas might become a lot better and outperform cable or other streaming services.

In other words, we could get 4K image quality as this technology improves in the future. At the same time, the coaxial cable is currently stuck in further development because there probably isn’t any more to this technology. Cable TV companies are slowly losing a lot of money because people have started to make the transfer either to online media or antennas. So, make the switch before there are any major changes in this industry.

2. It is cheaper

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According to, one of the most obvious advantages of aerial TV is that there are no monthly fees that you will be charged by a company. This is a one-time investment that will probably last you at least six or seven years. Keep in mind, these devices usually last up to 10+ years, which means it is quite a long-term investment.

So, what exactly do you need to install aerial TV in your home? Well, the first thing you will need is an antenna. Without this device, you will not be able to intercept the broadcasting singles coming from a tower. Once the signal is intercepted, it is sent through a cable into a receiver that is another piece of equipment that you will need for this setup and then from the receiver into the TV. All in all, you need two cables and two pieces of equipment. Depending on your budget, this can range anything from $50 and up to $300. Some pay a price premium of over a thousand.

Now let us compare this with a different method of watching TV. Popular online media streaming platforms such as Netflix or Hulu are a great example. You do not need any kind of equipment, but you have to subscribe to a monthly fee. The fees range anywhere between $7 and $15. This doesn’t sound like much, but multiply those seven dollars with the months in a year and you get to a triple-digit price.

You can even take cable TV as an example. It requires both a monthly fee and the company will also charge you for the installation, which can cost anywhere between $10 and $30. The monthly fees can be quite expensive, at around $30.

As you can see, aerial TV is one of the cheapest methods of streaming content on your television while also providing you with the same level of performance as all of these other methods. Keep in mind, there can be one more extra fee if you’re unable to install the antenna by yourself. You will need to hire a professional and that will cost you a bit. Although, I think it is much better to make this kind of long-term investment and hire a professional because, as you can see, if you click here, it is much safer and easier than doing everything by yourself.

3. More content

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Believe it or not, but aerial TV might provide a lot more content than all of the other streaming services such as cable or Netflix. There are so many channels broadcasted out there that cannot be found anywhere else. The only way you can get access to these channels is to an antenna. If you do not have a good set up with an antenna, you probably won’t be even able to intercept them. Having more content is quite an obvious advantage of aerial TV.

4. Great for sports

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Like I mentioned in the previous paragraph, you can get access to a lot more content with the installation of an antenna. But, the most obvious benefit is that you will get access to dozens of sports channels. You will be able to watch almost anything after you have set up aerial TV in your home.

5. Durable equipment


The antenna and the receiver are both parts of the equipment needed to have the aerial TV experience. Like I already said, this is a one-time investment. And the best thing about this long-term investment is the fact that this equipment is much more durable than anything else on the market. They will last you for the next couple of years, and you won’t have to worry about anything. Most antennas have several year-long warranties, which is always a plus.

As you can see, there are quite a few reasons why people are making the transition to aerial TV. So, if you were hesitating whether you should make this kind of change, I’m sure that you are now entirely convinced.