Sergey Kruglov: the mystery of the death of the

Biography 24/02/20 Sergey Kruglov: the mystery of the death of the “father” KGB

Sergei Kruglov from those heads of the NKVD, who after the death of Stalin was not included in the list of persons persecuted by the new government. However, despite the considerable length of service, numerous awards and a reputation as good apparatchik, under Khrushchev his career came to an end.

On a successful wave

Expert on the history of the Ministry of internal Affairs Vladimir Nekrasov Sergey Kruglov described as a capable, intelligent and educated professionals, especially framed by their predecessors. Having a “cool” disposition that he forced his subordinates to reckon with, but always knew the measure. He seemed to be such a leader in the security bodies for the long haul.
To some extent, Kruglov a lucky career. In the NKVD, he was in the end of 1938, when the “Yezhov terror” came to an end, what saved him from following the “Great terror” purges. Asboolean NKVD Affairs of the staff of the Ministry of foreign Affairs who have committed offenses, Kruglov was approved on December 20, 1938 – the day of the professional holiday of security officers. This portends good prospects.
indeed, it was quickly noticed Lavrenti Beria, appointed Deputy people’s Commissar of internal Affairs personnel. Kruglov at that time was only 32. Although he enjoyed the confidence Beria, among his closest associates never belonged. Perhaps this saved Kruglov life in 1953, when its former chief sent to the firing squad.

Against Beria

However, to Sully his name Kruglov managed. Since 1941, Beria gave the conduct of his Deputy production and engineering departments of the Gulag. Operational work Kruglov involved is small, however, the fact of belonging to the camp, and therefore punitive system later played a negative role.
But it will be in 1956. in the meantime, in February 1942 Kruglov for exemplary performance of tasks of the party in StroitelTSS fortified borders is awarded the order the red Star in 1944, he was awarded the order of Suvorov of the 1st degree for participation in the mass deportations of the Ingush, the Chechens and Karachai, followed the order of Kutuzov 1-St degree for the initiative in the fight against Ukrainian nationalists.
In December 1945, Beria, Kruglov inferior to the post of people’s Commissar of internal Affairs (from March 1946 – the Minister of internal Affairs), which Kruglov will take more than seven years. In 1953, the Department joined the Ministry of internal Affairs and state security, was briefly headed by Beria until 26 June of the same year was arrested.
There is a lot of evidence to indicate that the operation to arrest Beria was carried out not only under control, but also with the direct participation of Kruglov. Some researchers believe that the arrest was just a hoax. According to them, in the same day Beria was liquidated.
Academician Andrei Sakharov recalled in a summer afternoon in 1953 at a secret facility, which produced the development of nuclear weapons, disappeared, with the inscription “Street Beria”: in its place soon came another – “Street Kruglov”.


4 Feb 1954 interior Minister Sergei Kruglov has submitted an official note to the Central Committee, which proposed to allocate “KGB operative management” of the Ministry of internal Affairs in an independent Agency. Initiative Kruglov was considered at the Presidium meeting and fully supported, with the exception of the name of the new Agency. In the proposed head of the interior Ministry name of “Committee for state security at the USSR Council of Ministers” had taken the phrase “in cases”. Thus was born the KGB, one of the founders of which can rightly be considered Kruglov.
But in the eyes of the new Soviet leaders, first and foremost, Khrushchev, Kruglov was firmly associated with the era of Beria. Let his conscience and was not innocent victims, but even indirect relationship to repressive actions put on the Rotary stamp “partner”. In the mid-1950s, any belonging to the NKVD was the reason to pay for working in the structure of the Cheka attention.
the Fall Kruglov was gradual. In January 1956 it was removed from the leadership of the interior Ministry, expelled from the Communist party and transferred to the post of Deputy Minister of construction of power plants, in August 1957, sent to the provincial Kirov, where he works as an assistant to the President of the regional Council of the national economy. But already in 1958 in connection with health problems Kruglov forced to apply for disability and retire.
Authorities considered that a person with a tainted reputation is not entitled to a luxury service apartment and a General’s pension. Kruglov wife and moved in close “kopeck piece” and leave normal retirement for social security is 40 rubles.

Strange deaths

the Last years of his life Kruglov spent more than modestly, most of the time while at the dacha outside Moscow. Late in the evening of 6 July 1977, going to Moscow, he was hit by a train near the platform of “Truth”. From the received wounds the former Minister died on the spot.
What really happened on that fateful day, no one will say. The police found that it was an accident – blame the temerity of a citizen crossing the railroad tracks. There is only one catch. To get to the platform, where trains run to Moscow, the way does not have to move. It is not excluded that the round was on the tracks is not without help.
Opal continued after the death of Sergei Kruglov. The Ministry of internal Affairs decided that they don’t have to have a funeral of his former leader, besides expelled from the party. However, some of the money for the funeral activities, the family is still allocated.
Comrades Kruglov from among his colleagues decided to apply to the Politburo with a request at least posthumously restored to the party such an outstanding person, who is sparing neither strength nor health has dedicated his lifeü business service to the Motherland. But these requests, the Soviet leadership was never heard.

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