He is the most famous criminologist of the country, and should inform the abuse in the Catholic Church. The research project failed. Now, Christian Pfeiffer has been making some serious accusations against dignitaries of the Church, against whose abuse officer Stephan Ackermann. It’s hush money, threats, and cover-up.

Catholic Hardliner Walter cardinal Brandmüller: to be outraged about abuses in the Church, hypocrisy, REUTERS

a look back: in 2011, the German bishops ‘ conference, Pfeiffer and his renowned crime technological research centre of lower Saxony (KFN) commissioned with the education of the mass and the decades-long sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. Almost from the beginning there were quarrels between the clergy and the researchers, among other things, due to the handling of confidential files and personal data of potential offenders. In January 2013, the bishops ‘ conference announced the contract for the study with the KFN early, officially because of a “broken Trust”, as the abuse officer of the Church, Stephan Ackermann, said. Pfeiffer explained, however, that the study was “to the censorship and control of the wishes of the Church failed”.

study on the abuse scandal failed

Now, some six years after the rupture between the Church and the Institute, gave Pfeiffer the weekly newspaper “die Zeit” an in-depth Interview with explosive force. At the latest, 2012, representatives of the Catholic Church have exercised, therefore, massive pressure on Pfeiffer and his staff.

The descriptions of the criminologists, the Church has to take more and more influence on the study, for example, by a voice in personnel decisions, or by the pre-audit of publications, which have rejected in Pfeiffer. “The actors of the Church (was) aware of the fact that our research might hurt a bit.”


Stephan Ackermann, the abuse representative of the Catholic Church

©Marius Becker DPA

The Showdown it was on July 20. December 2012 in Hanover, came shortly before the contract for the study was terminated. In the Ministry of science Pfeiffer, one of his employees, the abuse of entrusted Ackermann and a representative of the Ministry, referred to as a “friend of the Church,” had come together. Pikant: The Ministry of science is the principal donor of the KFN. This is also the reason why Pfeiffer is only now, from the rest, to report with his allegations word.

Church is commanded have commanded Christian Pfeiffer of money

In the interview, Pfeiffer by the Church to be 120,000 euros hush money, allegedly from Church tax funds, so he can lose to the public, no word on the reasons for the subsequent Failure of the study. Pfeiffer refused the money: “We will not allow ourselves to buy.” He saw the offer as a “moral blackmail”, and remained hard.

essay by Ex-Pope Benedict makes 68 for sexual abuse in the Catholic Church responsible DPA

“At once cramped Bishop Ackermann”, depicts Pfeiffer in the “time”Interview, “physically, and from the language.” For the case of the refusal to the offer of the Church, have Ackermann threatened the criminologists: “I was an enemy of the Catholic Church – and he wouldn’t wish on anyone.” Ackermann said, “that you would attack my reputation publicly, solid, and open to, what difficulties have given it to the Institute. He said that to me the damage would be that I would regret it and a serious error to commit, if I don’t sign.” Pfeiffer had felt threatened. “This was the attempt of coercion.”

the most serious allegations have to Ackermann Express, reported the Südwestrundfunk. A spokeswoman referred to a previous paper of the German bishops ‘ conference: “Against the charge of Professor Pfeiffer, the Catholic Church desires, through their censorship and Control for the Failure of the cooperation, the store we decided.”


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