on Tuesday, Berlin-Schönefeld notgelandete government plane seems to have been much more damaged than initially known. As the “mirror” reported, from internal papers and found German army engineers at the Jet of the type Global 5000 “significant structural damage” on both wings, as these were touched on in the dramatic landing on the ground.

Possibly, the hull was warped. In the case of the crash landing had solved the cabin trim. During the test flight after maintenance of the Jets, the pilots had registered, according to a trace log shortly after the Start, in about 6000 meters in height “the first serious problems with the flight controls” as the “mirror” reported. The plane did not react accordingly to control input.

government flyer put Schönefeld lame

For the emergency landing maneuver, the Jet tipped, then, according to the report, in approximately 300 meters of altitude suddenly extremely to the right, and the runway selected. With the rudder, the Pilot got him painstakingly back under control and was able to get him on the apron of the airport on the ground. After that, he skidded over the lawn areas, and several taxiways up to the runway.

Dramatic emergency landing government flyer puts the airport Berlin-Schönefeld lame

The investigators suspect, according to the “mirror” that the Spoiler could have been set on the wings at the external maintenance wrong. The Flaps usually support both braking and steering movements.

In Schönefeld, it was came to the company through the emergency landing interference in the flight. After the landing of the German army machine of other aircraft were diverted to the airport Tegel, the clearance has been set.

Review of Lufthansa and Bombardier required

The air force has four Bombardier Global 5000. The Cityjets of the flight readiness on Short – and medium-haul routes for the Transport of members of the Parliament and the government. The machines offer space for smaller delegations of up to 13 passengers.


Dangerous sloping position: the government of pilots of type Global 5000 on the airport Berlin-Schönefeld

©Marcel Russ DPA

The FDP-defense politician, Marie-Agnes Strack – Zimmermann has demanded after the emergency landing of the government machine, a Review of the maintenance commissioned company. “It must be settled very soon, as it is immediately after an inspection at all such a “malfunction” can come,” she said to news Agency DPA. The headlights were now on the Lufthansa Technik and the company Bombardier is directed to the maintenance of these machines, called Strack-Zimmermann. “If a vehicle is in the shop and serious technical problems, is not the holder’s fault, but the workshop,” she said. “Lufthansa Technik and Bombardier have now hard-hitting questions like, obviously, was prevented only thanks to the professional Crew is a disaster.”

the flight readiness of the armed forces: Twelve incidents in just three years: The problems of the government plane Fullscreen

in April 2019

One of the four Global 5000 flight readiness of the German armed forces must be shortly after the Start in Berlin-Schönefeld in the direction of Cologne because of “uncontrolled flight movements,” repent and make an emergency landing. Previously a 30-month had been carried out at the business jet Checkup. The pilots have been able to bring “the Jet under the most difficult conditions to soil and, therefore, worse prevent,” said defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen.


sources: “mirror”, the news agencies AFP and DPA

wue / AFP / DPA


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