Until the beginning of April, Singapore’s Changi Airport is in the selection of the most popular airport in the world on the winner’s podium: In the annual survey by the London-based Skytrax Institute, kürten millions of passengers under 550 Airports to the hub in the city-state of Singapore again to your Top-airport.

As if this result was not sufficient, has called the opening of the airport administration, this week an extension to the public – unprecedented for the otherwise anonymous and interchangeable airport-world: the jewel – “Jewel”.

The 135,000-square-meter circular building was built directly in front of Terminal 1 and between Terminal 2 and 3. Thus, the new glass design of three of the four Changi terminal, the terminal is easily accessible. Although there is also an arrival area with baggage claim, the complements of the functions in the Terminal 1 and the capacities increased, the primary gem is but as an Area of relaxation and consumption, for transit passengers. The construction period was just five years old. For comparison: The Berlin breakdown airport BER is not since 13 years in construction, ready he is.

Airport Ranking by 2019, The are the best airports in the world – also a German, is among the Top Ten By Till Bartels pastime on ten levels

On the five-on – five underground levels, is all not just Food and Shopping, with 100 different shops and Restaurants, but rather to tropical Green. Singapore is near the Equator, and, accordingly, is tropical, the rain forest is here.

The architect Moshe Safdie from Haida, created already in 2010, the new landmark of Singapore, Marina Bay Sands, has also designed the new airport complex. The center of the jewel, a waterfall that rushes from the glass ceiling as a circular curtain about 40 meters in depth. “We can regulate the volume and the flow speed. Under the waterfall, we have Tanks that collect rain water, so we can use it,“ said an airport employee told CNN.

“Gardens by the Bay” light show in Singapore’s garden of Eden By Till Bartels

this optical eye-catching hanging gardens, flower beds and artificial forests, the transit guests on multiple levels can walk is Surrounded, including fluctuating treetop walkway. The Whole thing is highly reminiscent of Singapore’s Garden by the Bay, the Botanical garden with two large climate-houses, and its funnel-shaped art trees, the “Super Trees”.

at a place to stay is intended to be: On level 4, the first Yotelair Asia has opened with 130 rooms and makes the jewel to it’s own Destination.

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