About one in every 20. German has received in his life from a cancer diagnosis. And as good as any German is to come in his life already, indirectly, with the disease in contact – as a relative, friend or colleague. No wonder, because the number of new cases is increasing steadily.

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defeated In the Marvel series “The Avengers,” plays Mark Ruffalo the super hero Hulk. If he gets angry, he turns into a green giant that can defeat his force almost any opponent. In real life, Ruffalo in 2002, had to fight against the cancer. After a brain tumor was diagnosed, he had to undergo a surgery. Although the Tumor was benign, Ruffalo numb since the SURGERY on the left ear and suffered for a time even under a facial paralysis.

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Around half a Million people in Germany are diagnosed of cancer each year. The absolute number of cancer cases has doubled since the 1970s, almost, to write the Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) in its report on the cancer to happen in 2016. Also in relation to the population number, the curve shows for years to the top. The researchers explain this in the cancer report, in 2016, among other things, with the demographic development in Germany: The society is getting older and older and life expectancy continues to rise. And, as before the disease strikes elderly people. The median age at cancer diagnosis was in men as women last for almost 70 years.

cancer mortality since the years back

In men was diagnosed with new cases last most commonly prostate cancer, followed by lung cancer. In women the most common tumors were detected in the mammary gland, the second most common diagnosis of colorectal cancer.

cancer mortality is, however, in the last years in Germany. Play a major role in more effective early identification measures and therapies.

According to the RKI was due in 2013, one out of every four cases of death in cancer approximately with 223,000 people died in the year in Germany due to the consequences of a disease. In men, lung cancer for most of the deaths was responsible, in women with breast cancer.

Overall, the report says, lives in Germany, four million people living with or after cancer.

sources: Robert Koch Institute, cancer information service

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risk factor Smoking

About 19 percent of all preventable cases of cancer to the account of cigarettes. Smoking is considered the most important preventable risk factor in the development of cancer. Also, passive smoke poses a risk.

smokers develop more lung cancer than non-smokers. Around nine out of ten men with lung cancer have contracted the disease, probably from Smoking. For women, there are six out of ten people Affected. In addition, there are correlations with many other types of cancer, such as oral cavity, esophagus, or larynx cancer.

So you want to reduce your risk:

to stop Smoking. A stop Smoking is worth it at any age. The following applies: The earlier in life, the greater the positive effect. Ten years after the last cigarette the risk of certain cancers, decreases diseases, such as the mouth, trachea and esophagus cancer. The risk to develop lung cancer, decreases in comparison to people who have smoked to the half.

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