Play anywhere – this is the great promise of Google’s new Gaming service Stadia. Unlike the competition, customers need neither a console nor any other special Hardware, a Browser, and the Controller meet. For Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, this could be a gigantic Problem.

The approach of Stadia is as simple as it is ingenious: to need, Instead of a console for the Games, even the most sophisticated Games on any device, gamble, bringing in a Chrome Browser. Whether iPad, Android phone or TV, All with just a few clicks to the powerful console. As a Hardware only Google’s Controller is required.

the video game “Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey”, in testing: Nice, was never slain By Christoph Fröhlich The Cloud is as a console

the about Google’s huge Cloud Server. The charge in the Background of the game, a Smartphone or a television will only be used to Represent the Streams. As it would be a series on Netflix and co. The significantly of of the Playstation-inspired Controller connects with the device, but rather directly via Wi-Fi with Google’s servers. He achieved a minimal delay. In addition, it has another advantage: The user can seamlessly switch between devices back and forth. In a test trial last autumn, the then just-released “assassin’s Creed: Odyssey” (here’s our Test), in spite of the force graphics of a lot of users extremely well with the Chrome Browser play.

The console manufacturers this poses real problems. Even Sony and Microsoft offer their own Streaming services, Sony about Playstation Now is, but still the console as a platform and binds the user to the TV. Stadia works on the work PC or the Tablet, is thus much more flexible.

the Hardware, price, start date, Insider reveals alleged Details of the Playstation 5 By Jannik Wilk, The Playstation 5 has to tremble,

especially, could endanger Stadia but the next-generation console. For next year, the Playstation 5 and a new Xbox are expected. Will allow you with more potent Hardware is an almost photo-realistic representation, for example through better lighting calculation (“Raytracing”),. Unlike the classic consoles, Google’s Cloud is not limited service, but of the Hardware. He should be able to offer the same performance without buying new and so many potential customers from buying to hold.

by then, the current console kings have a Problem. They usually make their money not with the consoles themselves, but with the Games sold. If, however, the Hardware remains on the shelf, a break of the game in sales. For Sony, the stakes are high. In the Christmas quarter, for instance, the game brought a division of the electronics group is a rich-thirds of its revenue.

Videogame-Highlight “Red Dead Redemption 2”: The masterpiece shows a huge Problem in the game industry By Malte Mansholt Many open-ended questions

For panic, but it’s probably still too early. Important aspects of Stadia that are still open, such as whether the service is a subscription-or the games must be purchased. Prices Google kept. Also for consoles the very important Exclusive titles to Microsoft and especially Sony have a few aces up his Sleeve. Nintendo is already in a class by itself: The self-developed games such as Mario, Pokémon, and co. will probably sell on for a while enough consoles. Here, Google will have a lot to do with the game developers to negotiate. The announcement of Stadia has failed, however, powerful waves. Whether you rocked the market, will have to show.


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