The cargo ship, the Grand America, the Italian shipping company Grimaldi Lines was on 12. In March 2019, before the French coast in flames. It was on the way from Hamburg to Brazil and transported approximately 2,000 cars. Including 37 of the Porsche, some of which were around 340,000 euros.

37 Porsche: car manufacturer surprises with decision-making

Under the Porsche Caymans, Boxster and Cayennes, as well as four vehicles of the model 911 GT2 RS, the production of the car manufacturer set in February 2019. As the Online Portal Carscoops wants to have found, informed Porsche the GT2 RS buyers with a letter about the drop in the goods.

this is the car manufacturer explains that the model has been completed and, normally, no more would be made: “But because of the special Situation and in view of the fact that you are a loyal and valuable customer of our brand, has decided to Porsche, the production of the GT2 RS in Germany. Your vehicle is manufactured in April and is expected to be in June shipped”, it says in the letter. A spokesman for the car manufacturer confirmed this.

in addition to the 37 Porsche several vehicles from the manufacturer Audi on the ship, including the models A3, A5, Q7, RS4, and RS5 were also.

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cargo ship full of cars up in flames – what are the consequences?

this is What has caused the fire on the cargo ship, has not yet been determined. However, it is probably that the fire started on the vehicle deck and from there to a Container skipped.

The ship was carrying, in addition to the cars, a total of 365 Container, 45 of which are hazardous substances contained, such as Grimaldi Lines, said according to the BBC. Due to the fire 2,200 tons of Oil were spilt into the sea – what are the consequences of this pull for the environment, had yet to be determined. Fortunately, all 27 members of the crew of a ship of the British Royal Navy were able to be saved.

Technical data: 515 kW/700 HP, 2.8 seconds from 0 – 100 km/h, top speed 340 km/h.

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