Two days before the state elections in Saxony and Brandenburg, some of the parties end on Friday the election campaign with the completion of rallies. In a new survey, the parties of the two Prime Minister, to put under the light.

Saxony: CDU increased projection to the AfD

The CDU in Saxony from the Prime Minister, Michael Kretschmer comes in the ZDF-Politbarometer of the forschungsgruppe wahlen on 32 per cent (plus 1 in comparison to the previous week), and enlarged so that the tab on the AfD. The right-wing populists are at 24.5% (minus 0.5).

the other places in Saxony, the Left (14 percent, unchanged), the Greens (11 percent, plus 2) and the SPD (8.5 percent, minus 0.5). The FDP must fear, therefore, unchanged at 5 percent of the catchment in the diet. 33 percent of the respondents were not according to the survey, still not sure who or whether you choose. The question as to the desire of Prime Minister Kretschmer is compared to the AfD top candidate Jörg Urban (67, 9 percent), as well as to the Left of the top candidates, Rico Gebhardt (62 to 9) clearly at the front.

Brandenburg AfD scratches on the SPD-leader

In Brandenburg, the SPD Minister-President Dietmar Woidke to submit according to the survey, a percentage point and reached 22 percent (plus 1). It delivers but more in a head-to-head race with the AfD (21, plus 1). Similar trends in the two provinces had also revealed other surveys in the past few days.

In Brandenburg, maneuvering according to the ZDF Politbarometer behind the SPD and the AfD, the CDU, with 16.5 per cent (minus 1.5), Greens 14.5% (plus 0.5), the Left (14, unchanged), the FDP 5 (unchanged) and the Free voters, with 4 percent (unchanged). Here, too, the Prime Minister is in a personal comparison, clearly ahead of his challengers. Woidke has Senftleben, compared to the AfD’s top candidate, Andreas Kalbitz by a margin of 57 to 10 percent, compared to CDU-man Ingo, he is 51 to 20 percent in the front. 39% of Brandenburg have not decided according to the survey, however, if you go to vote or for whom to vote.


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