A beef, nothing is fry without a strong Sauce, best with red wine. The fruity Note of the wine gives the Sauce that certain Something. But ad-hoc knowledge is probably the least, how this manage also home safe. Sauces are a mystery, often you need especially one thing: time. And ingredients sections, such as bones or Meat to create a particularly powerful variant.

We explain how you can prepare a simple red wine sauce.

What you need? A cutting Board, a knife, two pans and a sieve.

What ingredients do you need? Red wine, balsamic vinegar, beef broth (liquid), Butter, sugar

The key to Success is, of course, red wine. But that’s not enough. Balsamic vinegar gives the vinegar the Sauce a bright color and also the depth that you would usually receive through a decoction of bones, or grilled vegetables. To cheat here a bit, you can rely on liquid broth from the supermarket. Make sure that it is organic and be sure that you take the liquid version, never use the bouillon cubes. Contains a lot of salt and yeast extract, which leaves an unpleasant aftertaste behind.

sugar, Butter, and onion you also needs for a strong red wine sauce. So you get an intense color: Roast onions in advance in the pan – without Oil – until you get a nice color. Then add red wine and balsamic vinegar. The liquids have to cook. Then the broth is added. Reduce the liquid by 75 percent. It takes about 10 minutes.

Give the Sauce through a sieve into a second pan that is already hot. It may happen that the Sauce tastes a little bitter. This is not the onion, but the wine. Taste the Sauce, therefore, with sugar and a piece of Butter, the red wine sauce will not only thicken, but also a beautiful Shine.


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