The state Parliament of Hesse has introduced a proposal to ban the use of conversion therapies as a Federal Council initiative. It says: “The Parliament considers with concern that also in Germany as so-called conversion therapies to the supposed ‘cure’ or ‘reversal’ in particular, homosexual persons.”

On the 12. April should be introduced to the appropriate application, together with the state governments of Berlin, Bremen, Rhineland-Palatinate, the Saarland and Schleswig-Holstein in the countries of the chamber. The website “ reported among other things”.

“homosexuality in any way in need of treatment,”

In the debate, Kai Klose, Minister of state for social Affairs, stressed: “homosexuality is neither a disease nor a disorder, and therefore in no way in need of treatment.” Conversion therapies even health, according to statements of experts hazardous.

conversion therapies for homosexual re-education with cruel

The queer political spokesman for the Green group to follow said: “in Particular, minors are not even yet quite sure about their own sexual orientation and gender identity, we must protect against this danger.” For the FDP group, it was high time for a ban on the so-called “gay cure”. Deputy Wiebke Knell is quoted by “”: “The only effect of such Attempts is that you can result in the Concerned uncertainties are amplified, up to the suicide.”



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