Singer Maksim leaves the stage for health reasons

Singer Maksim leaves the stage for health reasons

the Singer Maksim ceases creative activity because of health problems, the TV channel Moscow 24.

the producer of the singer Margarita Sokolova said that the deterioration in the health of Maksim associated with injuries after an accident received in the accident in 2019.

According to her, the artist undergoes rehabilitation treatment at the hospital. She sleeps poorly and complains of headaches. Doctors do not recommend her for a long time to perform and tour.

“everything We bring deepest apologies for the cancellation of upcoming concerts and events. We apologize to all our viewers, for whom the concerts were such long-awaited,” wrote Sokolov in their Instagram.

In conclusion, the producer, the singer added that the planned release of the new track “Devotees,” will be held. She promised that the audience will hear it soon.

the Actress had an accident last spring. At some point, the car burst tire. Then the car skidded on the wet road, and he flew into a ditch. Maksim was in the back seat and was wearing a seat belt.

Already in hospital doctors have found that, in addition to contusions and hematomas, she started the inflammatory process.

At the time of the accident the vital organs of the singer was not hurt. Some time Maksim was in intensive care, after which she was transferred to a regular room.

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