Six people were killed in road accident in Kalmykia

Photos: Moscow 24/Anton Velikzhanin

the accident happened on the highway in Kalmykia. The accident killed six people.

According to RIA Novosti, received from the representative of the Central Directorate of EMERCOM in the Republic, at 00:25 Moscow time, received a call about an accident involving two cars on the road P22 in the village of Troitskoye.

Originally it was known five of the victims in the accident.

“as a result of road accident six people were injured, including five people were killed,” – said the source.

it is Noted that in the accident one person was injured. In serious condition he was taken to the Central district hospital Tselinny district, where she later died.

“the Victim died in the hospital. Just killed six people”, – concluded the representative of the Ministry of Kalmykia.

Now on the scene working police officers. Set all the circumstances of the accident.

Earlier, five cars collided on the ring road near Kashirskoye highway. Later, the traffic at the accident scene was restored in normal mode.

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