Six-year-old went from a kindergarten in Maine

Photo: GU MVD Rossii po g. Moskve

the Metropolitan police brought the parents of the child who voluntarily left the children’s garden in Maine. This was reported on the website of the MIA of Russia.

the police received a message stating that on Pyatnitskoe highway is a small child without parents. Law enforcement authorities found 6-year-old boy and brought him home.

it Turned out that the child left the kindergarten during NAP time and headed toward home, but halfway he was stopped by police.

“From the reports, the baby was missing my parents and decided to go home alone. He went out unnoticed from the building of the kindergarten located in the North-West of Moscow, and walked in Krasnogorsk”, – explained the senior assistant to the head of the Main investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia Yulia Ivanova capital.

currently, the TFR began checking on the fact. The results will be given a legal assessment of the actions of the personnel of the kindergarten and the guard is pre-school.

Earlier, the father left two sons at the airport Sheremetyevo. His action, the man explained the difficult financial situation. He left a note that requested that children not be separated, because he will come back for them when you fix their problems.

Abandoned by his father at the airport the brothers returned home.

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