night owls or early risers? Six hours, or ten? We have to sleep asked online to go what time you to bed when you get up, how long you so. More than 100,000 people have participated. The non-representative data set, we have evaluated, and the sleep researcher Ingo Fietze asked to tell us what the reader reveal information about TIME-ONLINE-the inside and the reader.

TIME ONLINE: most of The reported sleeping seven hours. This is in line with what the science on the sleep of the German white?

Ingo Fietze: We do not know exactly how many hours the Germans of sleep per night. But the seven hours coincide with surveys. In which are usually not questioned, however, only a few people, they are representative. The statistics also show that sleep duration decreases in this country. It is assumed that in the industrial countries, on average, between six and seven hours per night to sleep.

TIME ONLINE: Why to sleep people are less?

Fietze: plug in To a social, professional and family demands behind it, on the other, new media, and Smartphones, which keep us awake in the evening. The biggest sleep killer in the recent history, however, is the development of the electric light. All of this ensures that the people within the week going to bed by later sleep reduce. They are not the same on the weekend, is at risk of your sleep.

TIME ONLINE: Is it healthy to sleep seven hours per night?

Fietze: Provided that the indication is correct, Yes. Up to the end of a week, you should come to a minimum of 50 hours. This is for the best. You can’t sleep within the week to seven hours a night, you can compensate for the loss with a NAP or a longer sleep at the weekend.

TIME ONLINE: If seven hours is enough, where the eight hours because that is so often the speech?

Fietze: There is no recommendation to sleep for eight hours. A team of experts has found for the American sleep Academy a few years ago that about seven and a rich and a half hours. This is now the recommendation. The need for sleep individually varies and is also dependent on age.

15.3 percent of readers have to sleep six hours or less.

TIME ONLINE: 15.3 percent of the participants reported sleeping six hours or less. How many hours it speaks of lack of sleep? And when he is dangerous?

Fietze: With six hours you can come on rounds, even if the concentration, memory and reaction speed will be worse. But when you sleep over a longer period of time – for example, for more than five years old, short, bad, or both – is the to the health. The blood sugar levels increase the risk of diabetes increases and the immune system begins to weaken. Thus, the susceptibility to infectious diseases increases. Also cancer that promote disease. To sleep for a year or two is bad, is not necessarily dangerous. But if someone is suffering from the longer sleep problems or sleep disorders, he should go to the doctor.

Ingo Fietze is a Professor at the Charité Berlin and head of the Interdisciplinary Sleep medicine centre. © Private

TIME ONLINE: Around a fifth of our participants, to give, to go only after 24 hours sleep. Is it true that sleep before midnight is the most relaxing?

Fietze: Yes, it is best to go between 22 and 24 o’clock to sleep. In the period of time the body temperature drops and the concentration of the sleep hormone increases. The optimal conditions for Sleep.

TIME ONLINE: 94 percent of our readers to sleep at two o’clock in the morning. This is the natural low point in our circadian rhythm?

Fietze: You can say that he begins. The low point against two or three o’clock. After that, the second half of the night begins at the most. In this the body is slow to Wake up. The body temperature rises again, and in addition, from about five o’clock in the cortisol levels.

“Better to sleep” “Better sleep” – a focus

It is the Season in which many feel they should make better winter sleep. Reason enough to devote ourselves to right now, sleep is even more intense. Why we sleep at all, what happens in the brain, sleep disorders are the new people’s disease, what rest know the research about our night?

All you read in the focus on Better sleep.


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