One-half is arable, one-third of the forest

Germany divided according to the area, the different types of use

source: Federal Statistical office in 2017 Who fertilizes how much the claim?

falling In Europe, the mineral fertilizer consumption in China is increasing.

source: soil Atlas (2015) Large pits

How many tons of Rock and soil to be moved, to obtain one ton of precious metal or coal.

source: Wuppertal Institute/”soil Atlas” (2015) Where is CO2 stored is

save As much carbon in the world, the different Ecosystems.

source: “soil Atlas” (2015) is home to trillions

How many living beings inhabit a, on average, fertile cubic meters of soil.

In all colors

the Rock, moisture, living organisms, a multitude of factors to ensure that a pure mineral-based Material types, in thousands of years, to different floor. A small selection of

© Otto Ehrmann/www.image archive (3), DZ series: The state of the world, the state of The world

A five-part series on biodiversity, climate, water, soil and air

part 1: species diversity

How are the types? The value of diversity

part 2: climate

How’s the climate? What policy can?

part 3: water

How’s the water? What do we know and what don’t we have Enough water? Endangered resource (graphic)

part 4: ground

How’s the floor?What must we do? The skin of the earth (graph)


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