What we do a third of our lives? Sleep! Anyway, if all goes well. Why does the man at all, how many hours are enough and what will help, if we can’t go to sleep at night and in the morning as whacked to Wake up? These and other issues is dedicated to TIME ONLINE the focus on “Better sleep”.

As of this morning her alarm clock rang – she jumped up there the same? Or have you groggily pressed the snooze button, even once turned, and the eyes closed? If you belong to the first group, you are probably a successful High-Potential copy of the: unusually motivated, overpaid, and overworked. Let me tell you: you are on the completely wrong path. We are a snooze button pusher know that. We are the last defenders of the free sleeping.

The snooze button, or Snooze, has an image problem. In the Internet, there are numerous texts about how “unhealthy” and “dangerous” this little feature is. Instead, it is everywhere, showering praised the early bird: the first time you ring the bell at four o’clock high, five kilometres of Jogging, a six-lane swimming, seven minutes, and then to work. “Early risers superiority” is the name of the then. A Giant Nonsense.

“Better to sleep” “Better sleep” – a focus

It is the Season in which many feel they should make better winter sleep. The occasion for us to dedicate ourselves to right now, sleep is even more intense. Why we sleep at all, what happens in the brain, sleep disorders are the new people’s disease, what rest know the research about our night?

All you read in the focus into Better sleep during the holiday season and into January.


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