Japan wants to pull out of the International whaling Commission (IWC) commercial whaling to resume. The government spokesman Yoshihide Suga announced. Therefore, the country wants to hunting starting in July 2019 back to commercially whale. The whaling will be limited to Japan’s territorial waters and exclusive economic zones, assured the government spokesman. “We are not the waters in the Antarctic or in the southern hemisphere to hunt.”

In September, had applied for Japan at the IWC to allow commercial whaling to return, and had failed with the concern. The government in Tokyo, then warned, Japan see to prompted a “fundamental reassessment of his Position as a member of the IWC”. Japan argues that whale stocks have recovered to the extent that the commercial whaling could be allowed again. The step is not surprising, it is expected that the government in Tokyo, but sharp criticism.

Commercial whaling is banned since 1986, a Moratorium on international. Japan uses a loophole in the agreement, to be killed after the whales for research purposes. Australia had filed in 2010 against the Japanese programme in the Antarctic claim and argued that the research was for Japan only, the guise for commercial fishing. In reality, Walfleich ends up in Restaurants and supermarkets, research results are hardly available. According to the Australian government, Japanese whalers have killed since 1988, more than 10,000 marine mammals.

Japan is sensitive, if someone is interfering in internal Affairs. As the International criminal court in The Hague, revealed in March 2014, the research argument as a pretext and the whaling ban, increased the consumption of whale meat in Japan even for a short time. The government in Tokyo complained for many years that some of the member countries of the IWC, only to whale conservation. The original mission of the IWC is the conservation and sustainable use of the Walressourcen.

hunt, in fact, the IWC allows whales for research purposes. Japan is the only country that has tried this Argument before, in order to justify its whaling. The other two major whaling Nations of Iceland and Norway to resist openly oppose the prohibition of fishing in 1986, and describe their hunting as what it is: as a commercial.


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