The white building on the Beach Road in Singapore, a national monument is more than just a Hotel, the numerous stories. So a Tiger that had escaped from a circus, in the billiard room of the house invaded and there via mini-Safari imposes have been to.

The Name commemorates Thomas Stamford Raffles, the founder of the city of Singapore in the early 19th century. Century. The Hotel itself was built 130 years ago, right on the water, but it is today by Zuschütt in some distance to Marina Bay in the city center and comprises an entire city block.

First of all, the Raffles was only a Bungalow with ten rooms of fun-loving Sarkies brothers from Armenia: Martin, Tigran, Aviet and Arshak were detected after the opening of the Suez canal in 1869, the goods moved on the silk road from the overland to the shipping routes, and on strategically important trade centres of their Hotels to be built. In 1884 in George town on Penang island in Malaysia, in 1887, the Raffles in Singapore and in 1901, The strand in Yangon today’s Myanmar.

at the beginning of the 20th century. Century the brothers were Empire the leading Hoteliers in South East Asia, and their houses, a term in the British. The Sarkies set early on Service, well-established fine dining in your accommodation, imported caviar from the Caspian sea, were optimally connected with the colonial officers and threw them in their ball to-noise halls and feasts.

tourist magnet Singapore Sling at Raffles Hotel

Also, by travellers and writers, such as Rudyard Kipling, Somerset Maugham, Hermann Hesse, and André Malraux stayed in their Hotels and multiplied with their lyrics, the fame, to be a special Descend. The Writers Bar, and the names of the suites in the Raffles to the famous authors. However, a portion of their assets playful bets the Sarkies in gambling and horses. As Arshak 1931 died as the last of the four brothers, was the bankruptcy of the Raffles inevitable.

All three of these Hotels are still in existence today and continue to maintain its colonial heritage, even if they have changed owners several times and additions have been legally extended. Several buildings, arcades, boutiques with 40 gems and a tourist-tuned bars, which here in the morning, think of sipping Cocktails belong to the Raffles: The bartender Ngiam Tong Boon invented in the Long Bar, once the Singapore Sling.


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