A climbing trip in the Scottish Highlands, ended with a young student at the University in Bristol, England, fatal. As the BBC reported, the 22-Year-old with three other people on the Ben Navis, the highest mountain in the UK, as they rushed around 150 meters in depth.

at about 10.30 am, the emergency in the mountain on new year’s morning Wake up. The forces had to get the other three climbers with a helicopter from the mountain, there they sat, due to a change in the Weather pattern. Probably the young woman had slipped on the icy rocks.

Ben Nevis again and again fatal accidents

The trip to the Scottish Highlands, had been organized according to a spokesman for the University of a larger group of students.

again and again it comes at the Ben Nevis fatal accidents. Recently, a climber lost about two weeks of his life. The 21-Year-old from West Yorkshire, suffered in a fall in life-threatening injuries.

sources: “BBC”



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