Google and Facebook track us through the entire network, and even on porn sites. This should actually be a surprise to anyone, but this message caused the past weeks headlines. For the study, researchers examined 22.484 porn portals on the so-called Tracking Tools, which submit data to third-party service providers, and discovered, to 93 percent of the websites of such Tools.

for many users, most surprising realization: The Switch on the private browsing mode that many browsers offer and promises a certain degree of anonymity, made little difference. Because the Tracker can assign the user on the basis of positive characteristics, such as the IP address or the identification number of the device.

outsiders could find out very easily, what Videos you have consumed, how often you click on the appropriate portals, and what the sexual preference. What Google and Facebook say, and how to utilize this data, you can find here.

What is the incognito mode?

Many users ask themselves now: What is the data of the anonymity mode is hidden and what is he price? Google’s Chrome, with a market share of around 63 per cent of the most popular Browser in the world. In Germany, the Chrome is not quite as present, with 48,49 percent but still is the market leader. Accordingly, we focus on this Browser.

Google writes on its web site to “Private Browsing” that the incognito mode is running in a separate window, separately from the normal Chrome Windows. The company advises its users in addition to the following points:

“, your browser history, Cookies and site data or in the forms registered information is not stored by Chrome.Downloaded files and bookmark will be preserved.For the sites you visit, your employer or your educational institution and your Internet service provider, your activities continue to be visible.”

That means in plain text: The incognito mode provides more privacy, but a lot of users overestimate his abilities. Because of the private mode protects your privacy in General, only locally on your device. Other users on the same Computer to see which websites you have visited. The Internet service Provider and the operator of this website can see what you have when clicked.

How to surf anonymously?

not Anyone looking to move largely anonymously through the network to three letters around: the gate. The acronym stands for “The Onion Routing”. Translated this means as much as “Internet routing according to the onion principle”. Originally, the engineering research facility of the U.S. Navy was used for anonymization of the Internet traffic. About the origin and the destination of data packets send by the users, mostly veiled. The Tor Browser is available for Windows, Android, iPhone, Mac, and Linux for Download.

but there’s One catch for users of the permissive adult portals: Videos can no longer be in Fullscreen mode looked. Is blocked because the provider would know in this way, the full screen resolution. This Information could be used to identify the device or the user uniquely (the technique is known as Browser Fingerprinting). A compromise you must accept for more privacy.

it is Completely anonymous, it is not in the Tor network. Investigative authorities and intelligence services succeeded a number of times to determine the users who believed themselves to be safe. But at least you do it in this way, the advertising industry is harder to collect data.

sources: Google, The study Read, Statcounter, Tor Browser, Mashable, New York Times

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