Chic, high-end Hardware, powerful Software and a great camera. The are Google’s Pixel Smartphones. With the last autumn featured Pixel 3, the group put the bar mighty high, as our Test showed. The only real drawback: the price. With the Pixel 3a Google has introduced a savings model. The special: in Spite of the small price is the top point-and-shoot of a great model brings with it even.

Powerful Camera

And who, in spite of the saving in price really see. Although Google as the expensive model used only one lens – for the competitors, three to four lenses have long been enforced, can play the camera very far forward. This is due to the clever Artificial intelligence: The Pixel shoots several photos, which are then recalculated using sophisticated Algorithms. And this works very well in practice.

Whether it’s classic photos, images with depth of field blur (“Bokeh”effect), easier to Zoom, poor lighting, or Selfies: The Pixel 3a makes a rule a good to very good figure. The images are sharp, to capture colors and light mood is good and rich in contrast. The blur effect is the case of hair, partially but somewhat inaccurate. A real limitation of the lack of Zoom is due to a second lens. In the case of a two-fold magnification of the recalculated result is still in order, as well as the Hybrid focus of the competitors with longer lenses but it is not. Too bad: other than the pixels 3 Google has dispensed with the front camera on the second lens, which allowed for wide-angle selfies.

Nevertheless, In comparison with an iPhone XS could beat the tested Pixel 3a XL excellent, depending on the Situation, the images were in one, sometimes the other is better. Considering the price difference this is a strong result. Especially since the iPhone help, also by AI, and with a second rear camera and a 3D Sensor on the front for additional Hardware support. Thus, the Pixel in the current camera Generation very far forward. A selection of comparison photos available in the photo gallery.

Google Pixel 3a XL: the camera is reflected in the comparison with the iPhone XS Fullscreen

In daylight, the pixels 3a XL (left) and the iPhone XS give yourself a little. The iPhone captures, but a little better and the slight warmth of the light from the lowering sun in the Background.

©Malte Mansholt austerity measures

Unfortunately, it is noted in the calculation of the images one of the weak points of the pixels: the somewhat weak processor. The computation of the images will take noticeably longer than with the more expensive competitors, the show almost immediately the final image. Even if it is ultimately a few seconds per image, The difference is striking. For other everyday tasks, and games the built-in middle-class Chip is a Snapdragon 670, but usually fast enough. In the longer term, the bottleneck is here, but to fear.

This is especially annoying because the Pixel 3a, as with other models in the series with a particularly long Update-decorate-cycles. A whole three years, Google wants to provide the device with System and security updates for the in – house Android System. Considering that even the better Smartphones with outdated System on the market, it is a strong offer. All of Google’s Software Tricks, such as the object-detection Lens, the is Google Assistant, and even the new Navigation with Augmented Reality support are, of course, also.


in Spite of the edges of the top and bottom of the Google Pixel 3a XL, with its 6-inch screen diagonal, convenient

©Malte Mans benefit brings

The Pixel 3a is available in two sizes, it only distinguishes the larger Display and more battery. The OLED Display in Full HD (5.6 inches for the small 3a, 6-inch for the XL variant) looks for the price excellent. The battery the Small 3000 mAh brings to the table, the large model brings it to 3400 mAh. In practice, the XL model is held out as a second day. Good: the included fast-charging Adapter, the device is filled already after a quarter of an hour, a good 25 percent. Despite the plastic housing, the Pixel 3a can not wirelessly charge.

The rest of the equipment is OK for the price. Unlike with the expensive model, there is not a metal but a plastic housing, the device is characterized, even in the XL Version is remarkably light. The data memory is 64 GB, as the memory there is 4 GB. The Sound of the built-in Stereo speakers, you can. Another plus point is that unlike the expensive Pixel 3 Google re-installed a Jack socket, the appropriate headphones are included.


The simple plastic back feels good in the Hand. Unfortunately, the pixels 3a supported, though no wireless Charging

©painted Mans conclusion: A strong saving model

gets The Pixel 3a is clearly a low-end model – but one with really strong Features. Compared to large Pixel 3, the user must limit only in the materials used, the lack of a dual camera on the front as well as the somewhat slower processor. What makes the Pixel-Smartphones as well – the ultra-smart camera, the Software-Tricks, and very long Updates – everything is on Board. A strong package.

The Google Pixel 3a, there are 399 Euro, the pixels 3a XL will cost 479 Euro. Alternatives in a similar price range to the Galaxy S9 and the Huawei Mate 20. Both have, however, somewhat weaker cameras.

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