Some women take on the service in the airborne troops

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In the units of the airborne troops, which showed in the great Patriotic war its outstanding performance, women performed the same functions as in other branches of the armed forces of the red army – they were nurses, telephone operators, working in the headquarters. Chance to obtain the status of an officer of the airborne troops, the Russian girls appeared only 10 years ago.

Gaining the most strong and intelligent

In 2008, as reported by the First channel, girls-entrants took 17 military universities of the country, including the guards of the Ryazan higher airborne twice red banner order of Suvorov command school named after army General V. F. Margelov. In RQVWDQW the competition was more serious than (20 people) the candidates needed to be trained. This school was originally and remains the only institution in Russia that trains women to serve in the Navy.

As said a few years ago the head of the Department of military education of the defense Ministry Viktor Goremykin, to who apply to universities intending to enroll in higher airborne school, have laid down stringent requirements: first, suitability for the health that allows you to skydive (and experience themselves as such, jumping in DOSAAF), and secondly, it was necessary to pass examinations for General physical training and a number of school subjects – physics, chemistry, Russian language…

As it developed in the first

First women’s issue RQVWDQW took place in 2013 consisted of 14 young officers. In the history of Russian armed forces it was the first female officers of the airborne forces who have received specialized military education. One of the graduates of the school, second Lieutenant airborne Angela Schastlivenko said in an interview with “AIF”, as she and her friends studied at the officers of the airborne troops.

people in the Know confirm that training in RQVWDQW stand not all the guys pso what of the maiden set, before the release came almost all, says a lot. According to Angela, the load they were the same as the guys, especially since they were engaged together. Girls differed curiosity, because many “male” subjects prior to this, simply did not face: do not know how to handle a gun, drive equipment, including combat. They willingly and quickly learned all of this on a professional level. Future officers lectured on University disciplines, in addition, they learned the basics of topography, tactics, engaged in fire and airborne training. Every girl over 5 years of study in RQVWDQW was more than 30 times to jump with a parachute. But everybody tried to make jumps as much as possible. For example, Schastlivenko, part of the team of the school, there were over 140.

the Girl was much harder and older a lot of guys and steadfastly carried equal load. Angela Schastlivenko RQVWDQW graduated with a “red” diploma.”

What are the prospects for women in Navy

IN RQVWDQW in relation to the fairer sex was originally a program to prepare a platoon of officers to command the relevant departments of the women’s regiment of ukladki parachutes and airborne equipment. In early 2016, then-commander of airborne troops Vladimir Shamanov took the military oath in four women contractnet. Each of them received the distribution to teach in RQVWDQW, to serve in the spetstsentr parachute training, two desetnica joined the team of airborne troops parachuting.

… According to the official website of the defense Ministry at the beginning of March last year, the airborne troops are about 2 thousand women contractnet, including over 200 officers. Still more than 3 million are civilian staff.

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