What is it about?

the story from the perspective of two women, their life situations could not be more different is Told: While Nelly is just before the wedding, with her dream husband, Richard, was Vanessa of this leave. Nelly portrays the romantic story of the getting to Know and love, Vanessa Emerge, however, is the sad end of their marriage. Pity is not like with Vanessa, however she is consumed by hate and trying to destroy the happiness of their successor. And then there’s a third woman.

Who is speaking?

The 14-hour Text is read by Dagmar Bittner. It is the speaker, to borrow the different characters a voice to succeed – the “good” and Nelly as “evil”, Vanessa.

Why “The Wife Between Us”? Fullscreen

The audiobook “The Wife” Between Us ” – Who is she really?” by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen is Audible as a Download available.

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“Gone Girl”, “Girl in the Train”, “The Woman in the Window”: Thriller with English-language titles selling for some time as sliced bread in Germany. However, it is not only the title, the links these books with “The Wife Between Us”. It is especially the style: The reader knows that he can never be sure, whether he can give the narrator or the Narrator’s Faith. The descriptions here are often unreliable: The protagonists do not always tell the truth. You have to expect at any time that the story might otherwise have. That’s part of the charm.

What bothers?

Precisely in this style, but it could be a Problem: anyone Who has read a few of this Thriller, or belongs to, knows at some point all the Tricks and turns and knows that he can’t trust the narrative Person. That would take this kind of books to the appeal.

For whom is the book intended for?

in the meantime, the Tricks still work: Who’s intelligent literature like that wants more than to look for a tried and tested scheme, a murderer, and Surprises, with “The Wife Between Us”.

thrillers, novels, biographies: These audiobooks could you Fullscreen

like In the historical crime novel “The silent death” of the “Babylon Berlin”-the Creator of Volker Kutscher, it is a reunion with Gereon Rath and Charlotte knights, who get to do it with a series of murders in the film industry.


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