Until today he is to his Fans under the name Tetsche known. He was born in Soltau, in the middle of the lüneburg Heath. After an apprenticeship as a typesetter Tetsche first worked as a layout artist at a major daily newspaper in Cologne, and eventually became a graphic designer in an advertising Agency in Hamburg. But one day, he took the firm decision to focus fully on the cartoon drawing. His first drawings appeared in “time”magazine, in the “Hörzu”, the magazine “Konkret” and in the star.

For the star, he invented the end of the 70s, the “New HTML”, today, his page is called, simply, “Tetsche”. There are Fans that gathered for years, his “Completed novel”. And those that check every week, whether all Tetsche-own brand (Pümpel, Fried egg, condom,…) are hidden in the drawing. With his wife Madeleine Tetsche in an old school in the Old country, the fruit-growing area is alive at the Elbe. The plumber’s helper, he is hidden always in his Cartoons, is in reality, even on his roof.


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