Space travel – Amazon-founder, presented to lunar module “Blue Moon” The Amazon founder the model of “Blue Moon” and a lunar lander. The ferry offers space for four vehicles, with which the moon can be explored. © Photo: Patrick Semansky

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has presented the lunar module in his space travel company Blue Origin. “It is time to return to the moon – and stay this Time,” said Bezos.

the Blue Moon offers, according to the Bezos space for four vehicles, with the moon to explore could be, as well as devices for scientific investigations, and people. Overall, the ferry loads of up to 3.6 tons on the moon to transport. His space travel company, have worked for three years on the Design of the lunar landing vehicle.

last October, had signed the company’s Blue Origin a contract with the US space Agency NASA on the development of country systems for the surface of the moon. For a payment of 50,000 US dollars, NASA said in return, technical analysis and information about potential landing sites on the moon.

The USA want to return to in 2024 on the moon. NASA is to reach “this goal with all means”, US Vice-President Mike Pence said. Bezos indicates that the aerospace company can meet the target. The entrepreneur invests annually more than a billion dollars in Blue Origin.

Bezos is convinced that the development of the solar system is needed to prevent future energy crises. He tweeted: “Blue Origin is building the infrastructure to unleash a new Generation of dreamers. I met these people today, the future is in good hands.”

Bezos is the founder and head of the world’s largest online retailer Amazon and owner of the Washington Post. Even Tesla founder Elon Musk’s space company SpaceX similar projects. Both of US missiles providers receive highly doped orders of the government in Washington.


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