Space – the Israeli probe will fly to the moon aboard a SpaceX rocket has sent to Israel for the first time, a probe in the direction of the moon. From mid-April to carry out magnetic field measurements. © Photo: Terry Renna/AP/dpa

Israel has for the first time sent a space probe to the moon. The probe Beresheet began their seven-week trip to the moon in the night from space station Cape Canaveral in the U.S. state of Florida. There is a Falcon-9 rocket, the space travel company SpaceX, Tesla boss Elon Musk launched on time at 2.45 PM Central European time. In the case of Beresheet is the first Lander to a private company, is set to touch down on the moon. On Board the rocket, the communications satellite, PSN 6.

Beresheet was developed by the Non-Profit organization SpaceIL, the cost in the amount of approximately EUR 84 million originate for the most part, from private funds from foundations and wealthy donors. Originally the company was started with the aim to win the launched in 2007, the Google Lunar X-Prize – the managed neither you nor the competitors, to the moon, but the Israelis fly now anyway.

The Israeli space vehicle weighs, without fuel, of around 160 kilograms. With fuel the weight is a little more than half a ton. The vehicle measures around 1.80 meters by 1.20 meters. With four splayed legs, it is set to touch down gently on the lunar surface in the lunar sea Mare Serenitatis on the Northern hemisphere. Then it should give a sign of life, and to gather for two to three days of data to the magnetic field. The Region of magnetic anomalies known about the Beresheet more to find out. Not the Rover, even after the landing bounce, the way it was planned.

For Nasa Beresheet still carries a kind of digital time capsule of data. This includes thousands of files, including children’s drawings, Israeli songs and a report on the Holocaust.

Israel Is number four on the moon?

Succeed in the Mission, Israel would be the fourth country that can boast a successful landing on the moon (see info box below). So far, this was only the United States, the Soviet Union and China. Most recently, the unmanned Chinese probe Chang’e 4 visited at the beginning of the year, the erdabgewandte side of the moon. Chang’e 4, as well as the suspended moon vehicle Jadehase 2 to collect data. In 2019, China is planning another unmanned landing, to bring rock samples to the earth.

the moon landings Significant moon landings of the USA

On 21. July 1969-continued Neil Armstrong as the first human to set foot on the moon. A total of twelve people in six missions of the Apollo program walked on the moon. In 1972, Astronaut Gene Cernan left the last human on the moon was. Since then, a robot came to visit.


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