Cologne – The carnival period is celebrated by many as the fifth Season of the year. Depending on the Region it falls mostly between the 11.11. and ash Wednesday. The climax of the carnival are the processions of the feast, for the young and the old like to dress up.

Better not, with a mask-behind the wheel

‘re so nice and original, many masks and disguises, in the road fools should better abandon it. Since October of 2017, a cover shall apply according to road traffic regulations prohibition on tax, explains Hannes Krämer from the automobile Club Europe (ACE). Stating: “anyone Who drives a motor vehicle, must not cover his face or Verde no longer hide that he is recognizable.” The ACE advises, therefore, in General, to costumes only at the destination or to use public transport for the journey. Specifically, this means: A slight trim on the road is allowed, but nothing more.

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Clad fools threatens to fine

“With a red nose or a wig, you may not sit behind the wheel, as long as the costume restricts vision, hearing or freedom of movement,” says Gerrit Reichel from the Automobil-Club Verkehr (ACV). Not recommended however, is, for example, of a monster full head mask made of Latex or oversized clown shoes with a safe acceleration and braking is no longer possible. Anyone who violates the goddamn mask ban behind the wheel, risked a fine.

“Are key facial features by facial jewellery, glasses or a face paint is no longer visible, threatening a fine of 60 euros,” says Daniela Mielchen, a specialist lawyer for traffic law in Hamburg. Merely for motorcycle riders, there is an exception here, since they would have to wear a protective helmet.

Also for cyclists the unmasked will be. “You may dress up just as long as you can ride your bike with a costume for sure,” says Reichel. “With a cardboard nose, the whole head cover clown mask on the other hand, if the field of vision and the hearing are restricted.”

for Increased security

strict rules on facial jewelry are not least a consequence of the attack on the Berlin Christmas market in 2016. The Federal German carnival (BDK) advises its 2.6 million members, therefore, strongly to hold on to the goddamn mask ban. “Since December of 2016, all are aware of, and it prevails in the case of large events – such as a carnival procession – an increased security situation,” says BDC President Klaus-Ludwig Fess. Therefore, it is necessary to provoke neither at the time of arrival to a migration when moving even through the Costume.

Also for the decoration of the own vehicle to the carnival or other event, we apply similar rules for Disguise: The view, for example, should not be affected by flags or other vehicle, jewellery and also otherwise, the vehicle must be roadworthy and road traffic regulations to meet, explains Mielchen. This also applies, if such a car take to a carnival parade part. Exceptions there are traditions of processions in the rule only for certain tractors and their trailers.

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