29. May: Robert Mueller ended Russia-investigations official – says goodbye

The U.S. special investigator for the Russia affair, Robert Mueller, does not want to testify in front of Congress. He does not consider this to be “appropriate,” said Mueller in Washington in a hastily arranged appearance in front of the cameras. The Statement was from the White house, the nervousness was expected, but less explosive. At the same time, Mueller announced that he was leaving the Ministry of justice and to private life will draw. The investigations were completed, his office will be closed.

His investigation report speak “for themselves,” said Mueller. Any testimony before Congress would not go beyond what was already contained in his Report, he said. The opposition Democrats want to question the investigators, nevertheless, not necessarily in Congress to his investigation results. They accuse the Minister of justice, Bill Barr, the Mueller report unduly in favour of President Donald Trump to be interpreted.

Mueller reiterated in his short appearance, the Central conclusions of his report. There had been “no sufficient evidence” that it had given during the election campaign of 2016, a “wider conspiracy” between the Trump Team and Moscow – although the intervention of Russia was evidenced in the elections in many cases. At the same time, Mueller made it clear that he was relieved Trump of suspicion, to have the investigation of the Russia-contacts in the criminal way, disabled: “If we’d been sure that the President has clearly committed no Crime, we would have said that.” The special investigators stressed that an indictment of Trump was “not an Option”, as a President-in-office, pursuant to the applicable law, should the interpretation not be charged.

Donald Trump responded shortly after Mueller’s Statement via Twitter it is with great relief: “Nothing New from the Mueller Report. There was not enough evidence and, therefore, a Person who, in our country, as innocent. The case is closed! Thank You Very Much.”

In the 25. May: Unconstitutional – U.S. judge A U.S. stops Trumps wall-Finance

-a court has stopped the plans of President Donald Trump to Finance the construction of the wall on the border to Mexico for the time being. The Federal judge Haywood Gilliam, issued on Friday a temporary restraining order that it says the government, “the court below” to build, with funds from the Ministry of defense, a border plant in Yuma, and El Paso in the States of Arizona and Texas.

The judge wrote: “The Position that, if Congress rejects the request of the Executive to appropriate funds, the Executive branch is not simply another way, this means ‘without Congress’ spending is in line with the principles of the separation of powers that date back to the early days of our Republic.”

Trump calls for the construction of a wall on the border to Mexico. He justifies this with the necessity of the “fight against illegal immigration and drug smuggling”. The U.S. Congress had denied him the billions for the construction of the controversial border wall but. Trump called it in February, declared a state of emergency. This allows him to get the wall-billion from existing state posts.

24. May: US to send 1500 additional troops to the Middle East

The US is deploying against the Backdrop of the recently increased tensions with Iran, some 1,500 additional soldiers in the Middle East. You should take a predominantly “protective” duties, said U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday in Washington before his departure to Japan. Currently, between 60,000 and 80,000 soldiers in the Middle East stationed.


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