laptop – notebook – christened portable Computer. HP has taken the name of the new Spectre, Folio, very literally. Instead of an aluminum or plastic housing of the fine Laptop is smashed like a classic binder in genuine leather, the coated metal parts in the Interior. As a notebook it on and fold down. And there is even a pen. Whether the playful Design is proven in everyday life, we have tested.

The striking Design is definitely worth a look – and it feels good in the Hand. The leather surface is a pleasant change for the Alu-unit mash of modern laptops. When you tap the contrast between the leather under the heel of the hand and the metal of the keys for a very special feeling. At the first, it is striking, however, that the construction has a price lift: With a weight of 1.47 kg, the Folio is not a heavy weight, with the airy Ultrabooks to a Kilo of the 13-inch Notebook can’t compete.

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So chic, the HP Spectre Folio Fullscreen

In Tablet mode, the envy Spectre Folio with your fingers or the included stylus is very good to use. As a real drawing tablet, it is not suitable, for quick sketches or handwritten notes enough.

©Malte Mansholt

In the classic Laptop mode is the Folio, but almost any Tablet with the additional keyboard is superior. The keyboard allows for a pleasant, not too soft attack, and well-to-reach keys to a very good writing experience. To irritated in the beginning it is something that to the right of the Enter and delete key, other function keys. After a while you get used to it. The Trackpad comes close to Apple’s – they are still the benchmark for the industry. The control is quick and precise, like Apple’s Trackpad allows finger gestures like zooming or Scrolling with two fingers.

Once in Tablet mode, the Folio with your fingers or the included stylus is very good to use, if it is as described above also significantly heavier than current Tablets such as the iPad Pro. The pin, in the folded state is simply not in the frame terminals, is well-suited for hand-written notes. In the search slot, you can add requests by Hand. For drawings that go beyond quick sketches, and precession require, is the latency too high.

Good performance, weak graphics

the performance is measured in terms of the form factor is quite high. Inside a binucleate i7 processor, the eighth Generation of potters, and the ninth was introduced in the autumn. For Office applications this is not sufficient, together with the 16 GB of memory locker for games, the device is suitable because of the weak graphics card. Even older 3D games stutter.

The two HP models offered differ in the storage and the connectivity. The smaller, 1600 euros, offers 512 GB fast SSD storage and need to connect to the Internet Wi-Fi. In 1940 the Euro much more expensive model of 1 TB are used, there may, in addition to the Wi-Fi connection via LTE to the network, a corresponding mobile tariff provided.

Jack a little but the Bass

In the connections is saved in two models: HDMI, classic USB 2 Jacks, or a network connection, there is not, HP is fully committed to the modern USB-C Standard. Three Jacks of the Folio with brings about one of them, he is loaded. Good: unlike some competitors, there is a Jack connection.

Speaking of Sound: the boxes got HP the help of the experts from Bang & Olufsen. As a reason to buy the not but. The Box provides a decent sound, but pressure in the Deep is missing. It also goes on to slim body better, the iPad Pro.

The battery life is according to HP, up to 20 hours, when use it, however, were more likely ten to twelve. A whole day of work, but it is in there.

conclusion: this is a Great idea to Spectre Folio not only offers a fresh Design, but can also convince on closer Inspection. The construction of leather looks chic, feels together with the great keyboard and Trackpad are very good. Together with the pen and the rather long battery life, it is a really good companion in everyday work.

the air up there is already. The Design makes the Folio in comparison to other Ultrabooks and Tablets quite difficult, the large edge of the screen makes it larger than necessary. And also Performance might still be something more to it. Who wants to have a special Notebook, and the corresponding small-bring money, should be able to live with it.

The HP envy Folio 13 is already available on the market.

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