SR-1: how to shoot superpicture Russian special forces

Another 26/02/20 CNIITM.RUСР-1: how to shoot superpicture Russian special forces

the gun had improved over 10 years. As a result, 9-mm SR-1MP appreciated even by American experts in the field of armaments.

a Reliable friend of the intelligence services

according to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” with reference to sources in the Central scientific research Institute of precision engineering, the need for a new personal weapon for officers of the defense Ministry and the Russian security services appeared in the end of 80-ies.

Development of the new gun is simultaneously engaged in several Russian design bureaus, but the best option in the end could offer only in TSNIITOCHMASH. However, due to lack of funding in the 90-ies of the Ministry of defense of the number of clients was eliminated, and SR-1 “Gyurza” has arrived on arms of special services.

he was also such names as SR-1 “Vektor”, РГ055. Especially gun was evaluated by the GRU special forces. Later units of the defense Ministry and the interior Ministry, he acted like a self-loading pistol Serdyukov (PCA).

the Source of danger for Americans?

In the words of the Creator of the powerful gun Peter Serdyukov, this weapon is not much more than dimensions and mass of PM, but the power of the shot, it greatly exceeds the ability of shtatovskih “Colt” with incomparable large caliber. In the mid-90s, one of the us sites of the Russian armourers at the request of the secret service concerned with the protection of the first persons to have experienced in the armor of these officers fighting qualities of the PCA. Bullet for our gun flashed like a sheet of paper us personal armor.

What are its fighting qualities

the Gun SPS (SR-1M), according to those who used it, is a handy and reliable weapon. Under it the made spazmatron (caliber 9х21 mm), shooting them is taking into account the 100-meter sighting distance (the magazine capacity – 18 rounds).

From this distance, breaks 4-mm steel sheet. The individual elements of SR-1 if necessary, change quickly, and the gun is ready to fire 9-mm ammunition PM and 7.62 mm from TT.

the PCA push-button switches, thus preventing accidental discharges and ensures immediate readiness to fire, and not a lever like the other domestic production models of pistols.

as far As functional SR-1M

According to a member of the Military-industrial Commission under the government of Russia Oleg Martyanov, a heavy bullet with a steel core caliber 9×12 mm can penetrate a steel helmet, a metal door, and even flash an armored car. On the modified sample pistol Serdyukov SR-1MP, you can install a red dot sights and laser target designators, combat (tactical) lights and the muffler.

Under the gun developed several types of ammunition – with malorichenske, expansive, armor-piercing-tracer bullets. Experts say that first direct hit on an enemy with a bullet from SR-1 brings it down.

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