people have already been able to survive in front of 45,000 years in the rain forest. This is the result of a study now published in the journal Nature Communications. An international team of researchers found that the Homo sapiens was able to hunt tree monkeys in the rain forest and to use it as a source of protein. To kill the animals, he used, among other things, the bones of previously slaughtered monkeys as a tool. For their study, the researchers analyzed 14.485 bone and tooth fragments that were found on the territory of present-day Sri Lanka.

This is the study of the Jena Max-Planck-Institute for human history, earlier estimates of talks, according to the humidity of the rain forest with its high density of dangerous animals, and the generally high disease risk is not a good habitat for the nomadic hunters of this time. You can prove that these were still in the jungles, and there, the show cut marks and burns on the Remains of small mammals, not only monkeys were chasing. Thus, a further proof of the unique ability of human beings to extreme conditions to adapt to succeed, according to the researchers. Patrick Roberts, in the investigation of the participating scientists, pointed out in this connection that the Hunting of small, agile mammals is generally more difficult and less productive than the hunting of larger animals in the open Savannah. “With a deer people were able to feed the whole family. A monkey, however, not a lot of meat.”

“Amazing, that so many bones in the rain forest”

According to Roberts, the next step is the in Sri Lanka found tools in more detail. The researchers expect to have a better understanding of how Homo sapiens to colonize different regions of the earth, and as the only hominid species were able to survive.

The archaeologist Jordi Serangeli, University of Tübingen and the Senckenberg Centre for Human Evolution and Discussed, even not involved in the study, considers their results for important: “It is amazing that so many of the bones in the rain forest are preserved,” he said. However, he also pointed out that in Africa, even today, chimpanzees and other apes hunt. “If the chimpanzees can, could Homo sapiens for sure,” said Serangeli. In addition, you know with Cut marks on at least the bird bones from the Neanderthal.


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