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read the question, when a Pregnant woman is carrying your child, such as Doctors, women in Distress book may help, to the criminal Belongs to? The existing law protects the unborn life enough? The dispute over these issues will continue. Even if the Bundestag approved on Friday, the compromise of the coalition to section 219a of the penal code, as planned. The provides that Doctors who carry out abortions must be informed in the future with impunity. To cost Details, methods, and risks should only be allowed to official Bodies.

And something else is in the coalition negotiated the draft law: A study commissioned by the government (see box) to explore what effect abortions have on the Psyche of affected women. The Cabinet has approved the Ministry of health up to the year 2024 five million Euro via the normal budget of the Ministry. While the Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) holds a new comprehensive study is essential to refer to others as unnecessary. Finally, research is to for years, mental-health problems after a crash are due, therefore, to the stigmatisation of women, said Minister of family Affairs Franziska Giffey (SPD). How meaningful it is, therefore, from the point of view of scientists, and in view of the existing Study, so a lot of money for more research? And if, as you should appearance?

Paragraph 219a What is in the bill to section 219a Doctors in the Future, hospitals and other establishments may inform you that they perform abortions. The methods should, however, do not describe.A provision in the pregnancy conflict act to require the Federal chamber of physicians, Doctors, hospitals and facilities, list the crashes. There should be, what methods you apply. Access to the list of the Federal centre for health education (BZgA) and the Federal office for the family.Doctors should be trained in how abortions are to be carried out. Prescription contraceptives will, in the future, up to the 22. Old free of charge.The Federal Ministry of health should carry out a study, what are the psychological effects abortion can have. The Cabinet has approved up to 2024 in addition, five million euros.


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