Jens Büchner died in November 2018 on the consequences of lung cancer – a surprise to many. His Fans and colleagues took in the Form of a concert, farewell to Jens Büchner: In the Essen Grugahalle, the great “Goodbye Jens”-benefit concert took place on Saturday in honor of the deceased cult-immigrant. The revenue to the benefit of Jens büchner’s children. Among others Jürgen Drews, Menderes Bagci, Mickie Krause, Costa Cordalis, Lucas Cordalis, and Anna-Maria Zimmermann on the stage. His widow Daniela Büchner and daughter Jada were there, you travelled from her hometown of Mallorca. Before the concert, Daniela taught emotional words to the Fans.

a farewell concert and ball man-collect Stars money for Jens büchner’s children

in tears, she told me that she didn’t want to cry on the stage: “So many people are happy for him, it liked: for Him it all means.” The last time had been very hard for you: “above all, I thank my family and friends. But I would especially like to thank my children.” Without it, you would not be here today. To the Fans she was also the appeal to make it to the concert rip: “Please dance and sing so loud that he can hear everything in the sky.”

Markus Krampe satisfied: “it Was mega!”

And the musician Daniela’s wish was followed. From noon until late in the evening, the ball-man-Stars for the atmosphere in Essen’s Grugahalle. Daughter Jada was not able to keep up with your tears but, like her mother. They had to be temporarily by Daniela Büchner comforted. In spite of the emotional outbursts, the mood in the Grugahalle was consistently good, is also the organizer Markus Krampe is after the concert: “it was mega! Mood, music, everything. We also consistently get only positive criticism,” he told the star.

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Jens, your Fans love you! We hope, you rock up there strong with? free to play game. #goodbye Jens #goodbye Germany #fan, love @goodbye Germany.vox

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Like a lot of money in the end for Jens büchner’s children came, he could not say. There is still a small part of it came from the Gastro-revenue, don’t be one. “We are, of course, excited all the total,” he said. If one adds up the ticket prices, the number of visitors, it could be around 80,000 Euro. The total revenues are then transferred to all eight children, biological and step-children, and personally by Markus Krampe: “I’m going to next week personally to you, and you passed.” He is accompanied by a camera team from Vox.

Negative headlines before the farewell concert for Jens Büchner Zoff before the concert of “hypocrisy”: Melanie Müller criticises charity concert for Jens Büchner

Before the farewell concert but there were also negative headlines: ball man-a singer and former friend of Jens Büchner, Melanie Müller, rushed against the concert, titled it as “hypocrisy”. Because many of the participating musicians would have liked Jens never, had Hello to him once on the street. She herself was not invited as a singer. Also, Marion “cookie” Pfaff, a well-Known family, lost harsh words about the event. She joined Melanie müller’s opinion and said: “I avoid the. First, I should sing, then I was out again. I would like to come as a VIP guest, it said. But I don’t want to see it in action. There are people standing on the stage, the found Jens will always be shit, and now do so, as you would be interested in him.”

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