Stasi: how worked the worst intelligence Agency in Eastern Europe

Another 07/03/20 Stasi: how worked the worst intelligence Agency in Eastern Europe

In the days of the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, residents of the German capital, destroyed the hated Stasi – the East German secret service, the working methods which did not differ humanity. What agents of the Ministry of state security of the GDR deserved notoriety in his country and abroad?

large-Scale recruitment

Since 1957 the national security Agency was headed by a former activist of the anti-fascist movement Erich Mielke. Paradoxically, despite the hatred of the Nazis, this leader has created in his country is “advanced” like Hitler’s Gestapo.

In a “Stasi” was the most dense intelligence network in the world – more than 620 thousand internal informants, among whom were minors. Thus, every 50th resident of the GDR cooperated with the Ministry of state security, the intelligence services providing data about the slightest political gaffes committed any of 49 of its citizens. Sometimes even relatives living in the same apartment, denounced each other.

the surveillance

With true German pedantry agents of the Stasi spied on dissidents and ordinary citizens.

In the course were the most advanced at the time of the technical device, for example, microphones built into the phone Jack or a mini-camera with mm lens.

to understand what amount had accrued to the citizens of the GDR record, suffice it to say that only the stacks of documents, microfilm and audio recordings have a total length of 150 kilometers.

tapping phones and opening mail

of Course, any secret personal information in the GDR was not the question. Letters, especially foreign people, were opened and read, and the wiretapping was done by thousands of workers “of the Stasi”.

Psychological decomposition

In 1970-80-ies of the East Germans experienced the full horror programswe Zersetzung (“decomposition”). It involved the destruction of the psyche of the enemies of the regime and to provoke family conflicts. MGB agents penetrated into the homes of dissidents in the absence of the owners, replaced some other stuff and rearranged the items, thereby causing panic and chaos.

to engender in men doubts about the fidelity of their wives, the Stasi sent them by mail improper gifts, such as dildos. At workplace most likely spread defamatory rumors about politically unreliable persons. Provocations aimed at dismissal of the victims.

Some of the actions had a special cynicism, reminiscent of the methods of the modern Russian collectors. For example, “statisti” made sure that the apartment of a young father by the employees of the funeral Agency has taken a child’s coffin. Priests were sent pornographic magazines.

Also practiced frequent late-night phone calls, izmaylovskii victims. The result is a demoralized opposition went crazy, drink too much and commit suicide. The total number of objects impact on the program Zersetzung amounted to 10 thousand people.


During visits to the house agents put on the clothes of the citizens of the weakly radioactive substance. This was done to ensure that any employee of “Stasi”, equipped with a Geiger counter, could easily calculate dissident, for example, in the crowd. However, it is easy to understand that such actions are harmful to people’s health.


Even worse was for those of dissidents who had the misfortune to be in the remand prison of the “Stasi” called Hohenschonhausen. The investigators did not shun harsh methods of exposure. For example, prisoners were put on for a long time in the icy water, exhausting constantly dripping water, and at night forcibly deprived of sleep. Applied and psychological pressure in the form of total insulation.

Assistance to terrorists

“Stasi” led the operation and at the international level. In journalism there are allegations that the Agency supported the Arab TerAristov and even provided them with training facilities. Among those who received assistance from the Ministry of state security of the GDR, is called “the Palestine liberation Organization”. There is a version about the involvement of the Stasi to organise the seizure of Israeli athletes at the Olympics in Munich in 1972.

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