There is one thing that has, Horst Seehofer, probably more than any other, Yes hurt. A rumor that has been nurtured through his own performances again and again, scattered in his party, but especially by his enemies eagerly and journalists have sometimes been taken up. “This is the Hammer,” said Seehofer, when he sits alone in front of the very well-filled Federal press conference in Berlin.

“Sick, he is sneaky, he constantly argues.” In these words, Seehofer summarizes what was read about him in the weeks before the Bavarian state elections. Primarily a Text in the “mirror”, described him as a “threat”, does not let him go, apparently.

in particular, the more or less verklausulierten speculation about his health, he sees this as evil, indecent assault – maybe it provoked in his resistance. “I don’t have the impression that I would be restricted to work,” he says. It is only one of a number of allusions of this kind. on the Basis of their it is clear: The CSU party leader and Federal Minister of the interior, not from the Offices under the flimsy reference to his Fitness wear. This Favor will and Seehofer will do to anyone.

Weakened no effect Seehofer

in fact, the Minister of the interior brought in the one and a half hours the impression that he was physically or mentally tired or even weakened. The results of the election, 37.2 percent historically bad, is conspicuously left their mark on him. In contrast, the Prime Minister, Markus Söder looks aged at the Moment. Seehofer, however, seems to have a mental armor.

before, in Munich, the party Chairman had mentioned in a Statement his Fitness. In addition, he placed on the stage the pointed remark that the results of the election, as he had stood five years ago, “was a little different.” Seehofer had brought back in 2013 by an absolute majority. At this power, the acts in view of the recent loss of ten percentage points is still substantial, Seehofer high.

who the last feat would like to thank him? While the party chief in the Federal capital, outlines his view of the things that comes up in the discussion of his political future in Bavaria dynamics. Before the 101 to 85 deputies shrunken CSU parliamentary group comes together for their first meeting, they had met on the eve of the regional Executive Board of the CSU. The feedback is unanimous: The party base does not want to be with vague promises of a put off, but about the content, but also the human consequences of the choice broke discuss.

it is primarily to him, Horst Seehofer. In almost all the meetings, calls for his resignation had been voiced, it is stated in the CSU. They are contrary to the roadmap of the party leadership: First, the soundings and the coalition should wait for talks. In this procedure, the party chief in the Berlin area refers always, if questions are asked according to his political future. A little bit of uncertainty flashes only, as in the bust of 2008 and the rapid withdrawal of the then Führungsduos Erwin Huber and Günther Beckstein remember.

you want to know: Why you could make at the time, within four weeks of this period is the Bavarian Constitution – a government’s choice of analysis, operate, and even the management personnel to replace, while will not explain to it all enough time. Because Seehofer lurches. Says you have discussed this now. Besides, Beckstein and Huber have urged your predecessor Edmund Stoiber from the office. He didn’t like done. The logic is not compelling.

guesswork also causes the note Seehofer’s, that he had offered since the election, three times the party presidency to replace? Even Markus Söder can’t seem to remember it. “Nah, I can’t explain it to me,” he says occurs in Munich less than an hour after Seehofer’s. With Statements like these, Seehofer provoked at least his party. And risking that it changes the discussed procedure.

so Far, most still hold to it and defend it. “It makes sense, now with one hundred percent coverage for Markus Söder back to worry,” says the former group Vice Karl Freller. Also, state law office chief Florian Herrmann defended the sequence: coalition formation, electoral analysis, consequences. “We make the step – by-step otherwise you will stumble.”

Whether this time plan, the coming of a period of grace for Seehofer equal to, comply with, nevertheless appears questionable. The snow ball, avalanche, is already on the rolls. The CSU district Association in the upper Franconian town of Kronach, with a formal decision and direction. He called for the replacement of the party leader Seehofer. With more political weight to the district Association upper Bavaria, according to drew.

The Board supports a proposal from district head Ilse Aigner, a special party Congress to convene. Ironically, in the population of upper Bavaria, the home district of Seehofer, the CSU recorded with a minus of 13.3 percentage points disproportionately large losses. “We believe that we need a substantive workup,” says Aigner, who is to be elected to the Landtag President.

when is the Convention?

The request from upper Bavaria must bend Seehofer. He declared in Berlin, a Congress is the best Instrument to resolve the personnel issues, but also strategic. Finally, the convening of the meeting is not decided yet. Nevertheless, the statement is to be regarded as a concession.

so Far, he had announced only a choice gleaning at the end of November, beginning of December, “a suitable body”. No illusions, he makes, with regard to the calls for his resignation. “It will be safe to move one or other of the Statements,” he says of the present capital of journalists.

in Front of them Seehofer defends his Actions in the past few months. The Interpretation has prevailed, especially in his party, he had crises conjured up, which led to the crash in the polls, he wants to leave. The controversy surrounding his so-called master plan for Migration in June and July he was “in full agreement” with the CSU members of the Bund and Bavaria, and with the state government.

Also, the Case of Hans-Georg Maaßen will not be displayed correctly. Seehofer speaks of a “campaign”, without mentioning their author. Only one wants to stand Seehofer his critics: “In style and tone of criticism is worthy.” Later, he repeated: “I have resisted the ordinary behavior. You can convey important positions, too mild.“ He announces, to want to do everything so that the Grand coalition in Berlin has stock.

With a view to the necessary renewal of the CSU, he explained, to want to be more on the people in the big cities. Also, the CSU is a need to address more seriously, Ecology, preservation of the creation and use of the Landscape. So voters should be of the Green back. Necessary to connect these issues with faces. Where do these faces come from, is, however, Seehofer’s secret. As long as the CSU-top and all stops in their Offices, are likely to have new or previously less well – known faces in the party – and thus also new issues-extremely difficult.


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