Almost my whole life, You were a member of the Bavarian Landtag. As You said again and again: “I was not placed in the cradle, to make this go away.” The “little” governess is in 1976, the state legislature subsequently moves for a man who has not kept a lot of the non-academic. However, over time, You’ve got him, like many others, what – how do you say so beautiful? – a full-blood politician You are.

In Your political life You have – like in Your non-political – all part: of the appeal to the Cabinet under Franz Josef Strauss to the Deputy Prime Minister under the one You have with a few together for the Minister President, Edmund Stoiber. But then you needed in a crisis, a “pawn sacrifice”, and You must clear test in the Cabinet post.

in Between a dirty election battle for the mayor post in Würzburg – so indecent, that I wanted to re-make for You in the election campaign, even though I was politically a long time ago on a completely different line.

As the end of Your political career may be different than what it is now? As the end of that You fight to the end until Your forces for this party, You were the last one to publicly gefremdelt. Up and down it went again through Bavaria, Franconia, Swabia, and all the other districts – in the Knowledge that You are part of the new Landtag probably didn’t hear.

In Your political life, You always have to pay for that You’ve to keep with all the professionalism, all the years the sensitivity. And sensitivity has a price, even or especially in politics. Since man/woman has to be a strong personality to combine both: a genuine interest in the other, compassion, and commitment to the people and at the same time. to pass

In the political struggle and to not lose his heart. You can do this. You have shown and proven. That’s why You’ve got all the party and political boundaries, women, men, real Fans. And I belong because of all the different positioning.

What You provides me the decisiveness, the courage to own (political) will and enforcement capability of selected lives, and at the same time demanded of you, that there is between the two of us are always conflicts, even today. Less and less, but still personally and politically. And sometimes it really hurts – I’m sure You do, too.

Maybe I am but this is precisely why one of Your Fans. In all of the, what did You live for me politically, and given that I don’t want to forget but also in all of this: My appreciation also applies to Your husband, our father.

As once said one of my children? For us, the grandpa is actually the grandma, that is to say, it did not continue: Our father was only the man next to the strong woman, but he took a lot – differently it not to let Your commitment. And in the CSU in the 70s.

But it is just amazing how You did at the time, a large piece of a different role model. How often have we seen both that people are You or me addressed aggressively, with the question of why You didn’t get me to the correct party educated: in Bavaria there are a party of diversity, also in Bavaria, there is democracy, and we as a family are democracy in action!

As I explained to You that I intend to run for the state legislature, You asked me whether or not I can’t wait until You stop… My answer: “no, because then I’m too old.” You have dry and quite correctly, noted: “well, That’s true!” Now we getting a divorce both at the same time from this state Parliament.

A little story I want to tell at the end. It was one evening after an event, one of the journalists asked me: “do you have to Go, wife?” I replied, “no, of course not!” As a result, the Journalist: “it’s True, I have not heard that the Äpfelin fall far from the Stämmin.”

In this sense I wish You many long nights with new tasks in another function. Because there will be some for sure.

But I wish You much more: for now on You, Your health, and enjoy some time with Your family. This will initially be for sure unusual for You, but enjoy it! I thank You for all that You have shown me both politically and privately, and given by You, it lives!


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