Stiftung Warentest has found in a variety of sex toys pollutants. 5 of 18 tested, vibrators, love balls and penis rings are heavily loaded, such as the Foundation in February, writes edition of their magazine test. They had, therefore, a grade of “poor”. Four of the models tested were the testers, however, “very good”.

The toys cost between 6.80 and 165 euros. Many of them are made of silicone and other plastics. In the “defective” products, the testers found, for example, the plasticizer DEHP, which can affect fertility. In addition, they discovered that of Phenol, which is suspected to cause genetic Defects, as well as Nickel that can cause allergies. They were also able to demonstrate Polycyclic Aromatic hydrocarbons. Some representatives of this group of pollutants are considered to be carcinogenic.

it is Especially critical that toys often occurs in contact with mucous membranes. “These tissues are usually well perfused, and can be sensitive,” said project Manager Sara Wagner-Leifhelm. “Pollutants have therefore, in sex toys.” So far, there are no pollutant limits specifically for sex toys.


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