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On 30 read. January 1939, celebrated the national socialist Regime, as in every year since 1933, the anniversary of the “seizure of power”. In the evening met at the Kroll Opera house, the deputies of the Reichstag to the traditional session. Hitler approached the Podium at 20.15. His speech, repeatedly interrupted by storms of enthusiasm, which lasted more than two and a half hours. “Great event (…) A true masterpiece. By a compelling logic and clarity, ( … ), All are enraptured of it,” said propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels in his diary.

The dictator began, as usual, with a lengthy flashback to the years of the Weimar Republic. Germany would, he claimed, in the “Bolshevik Chaos” sunk, if not “a miracle in the twelfth hour”, namely, his appeal to the Chancellor of the Reich, occurred would have been: “On 30. January, 1933, I moved into the Wilhelm street, full of the deepest concern for the future of my people. Today – six years later – I can speak to the first Reichstag of greater Germany! Truly, we have more than one other Generation assets, perhaps to the discretion of the pious sense of the Statement: ‘What a turn by God’s Providence!'”

The “Jewish question” lost Hitler never out of the eye

Hitler the “historical events of the memorable year 1938” – celebrated the Anschluss of Austria in spring, and the annexation of the Sudeten-German territories in the autumn. He praised the achievement of a “true people’s community”, in the alleged former class barriers and social prejudices can be set aside. And he described it as “the highest task of the national socialist state leadership to do in the area of strengthening our Wehrmacht anything that is at all possible for people to”.

Only in the last part of his speech, Hitler came to speak to his actual topic – the “Jewish question”. Already in his first extended written comments from the September, 1919, the emerging Munich beer cellar demagogue had referred to “the removal of the Jews altogether” as the “last target”. And he should lose after his appointment as Reich Chancellor, in fact, at no time from the eye.

step-by-step the Jewish Germans of their state were deprived of civil rights and economic activity impossible. Highlight of anti-Semitic violence of the Reich-wide Pogrom of 9 was. November 1938. This terror was conducted the night of the Jews in Germany before their eyes, that they were completely at the mercy of law – and vulnerable to the arbitrariness of a criminal regime.

Kristallnacht – “The people stood around the ring and stared at” 80 years Ago, destroyed people in Germany, Jewish institutions. Hundreds have been killed. In the Video of the Holocaust Survivor Zvi Aviram recalls. © Photo: OFF/AFP/

“removal of the Jews” – this was but still mass murder. Rather, it was Hitler and his minions, the Jews from the society, to exclude and to expel them from Germany. In this context, the Name of a French island off the East coast of Africa appeared in the spring of 1938 in the Considerations of the dictator for the first Time: Madagascar. 11. April quoted Goebbels: “for a Long time at the Breakfast chatter. On The Jewish Question. The leader wants to push the Jews out of Germany. To Madagascar or something. Right!”

In his Reichstag speech of 30. January 1939 underscore Hitler now publicly its determination to the Jews, “to deport”. Europe could no longer come “to rest, before the Jewish question is resolved”. In the world, there would be plenty of “settlement space,” said the dictator, played in order, apparently, to the proposed “Madagascar solution”. It needs to be “broken definitively with the opinion, than the Jewish people was determined by the love to God, in a certain percentage of beneficiaries to the body and the productive work of other peoples.”

collection call “silent testimonies of 1939,” with Writing you history!

1. September 2019 marks the anniversary of the German invasion of Poland to the 80. Time. Thus, the Second world war began in Europe. Both in the Polish population as well as among the German soldiers there were many who kept their experiences and the experiences of war – firmly-in photos, letters, and diary entries. These certificates document a criminal war. Also, you have such historical documents family-owned and want to make this available?

Send photos, diaries and other documents from the German invasion of Poland (01. September – 06. October, 1939)!

the aim is to explore a part of the submissions, and make available to the Public and to tell the story – from a German and Polish perspective. TIME ONLINE supports have developed the project “silent testimonies of 1939 – The German invasion of Poland in pictures and documents”, the students of the Public History master’s program at the Free University of Berlin – in cooperation with the memorial site house of the Wannsee conference.

Sign up below: [email protected]

Some submissions can be digitalized, historically arranged, and in an Online exhibition will be published. Also TIME ONLINE is expected to publish Material for the anniversary.

Learn more about the project on the pages of the memorial site house of the Wannsee conference.


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